Course Planning Resources

Provide access to course readings and other materials

Utilize Research Subject Guides for students to easily access top resources (databases, journals, etc.) and library expertise for every subject

Access to Course Readings & Other Course Materials

You can provide access to personal copies, library-subscribed content/books, and openly accessible resources available to your class(es) through Course Reserves and/or online through Canvas.

Research Subject Guides: Access to Databases & Library Expertise

  • Online Research Subject Guides are curated portals for academic subjects/topics that save time by connecting students with the top resources in a field and library staff who can help. Students can book appointments online with librarians to consult in-depth about their research/assignments.
  • Online Course Guides are customized guides for resources specific to a course. Like Research Subject Guides, they provide access to the top resources but tailored to the course and any key assignments or projects being assigned. Contact your subject librarian to request a course guide.

Assignment/Project Design: Helping Students Develop Research Skills

Well-designed, course-related assignments using library resources, tools, etc. are an effective way to introduce students to the research process and help them develop sophisticated research skills. Subject specialists are available to add perspective and/or concrete suggestions for designing/revising assignments.