Research Data Services

We Help People Use Data!

We can help you analyze, map, visualize, and manage data. We can guide you to create compelling projects for your courses and research. We work with Northeastern faculty, staff, and students at all levels of experience and in any location.

We provide:

  • Consultations with specialists online or in person
  • Class or research group visits, guest lectures, and workshops
  • Online tutorials and resources

Contact: [email protected].

Data Management Infographic

Data Management

Support and resources to create data management plans and share your data 

(e.g. DMPTool, DRS)

Data Visualization Infographic

Data Visualization

Support for creating compelling data visualizations

(e.g.Tableau, D3.js, Adobe)

GIS & Geospatial Analysis Infographic

GIS & Geospatial Analysis

Support for GIS, geospatial analysis, and digital mapping 

(e.g.ESRI, QGIS, SimplyAnalytics)

Data Analysis Infographic

Data Analysis

Support for data analysis and data science tools 

(e.g. Python, R, Excel)

Text & Data Mining Library Databases Infographic

Text & Data Mining Library Databases

Guidance for text and data mining subscription resources 

About the RDS Team

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