Digital Scholarship

What Is the Digital Scholarship Group?

The Digital Scholarship Group (DSG) is part of Northeastern University Library’s digital scholarship services. DSG supports digital modes of research, publication, and collaboration at Northeastern. DSG staff provide expertise, infrastructure, and strategic guidance for researchers and projects, including:

  • Digital humanities
  • Digital archives and exhibit-building
  • Support for digital tools and platforms
  • Data transformation, representation and modeling
  • Database design and linked data
  • Text analysis
  • Training in digital humanities tools and methods

What Kinds of Projects Does DSG Work On?

DSG is proud to support a wide range of projects focused on social justice, communities, and inclusive information systems. DSG collaborates on many projects with Northeastern University’s Archives and Special Collections. For example:

You can browse more DSG projects on the DSG website.

DSG staff supports a wide range of platforms including CERES Exhibit Toolkit, a growing platform for digital storytelling, archiving and publishing. Support is available for other tools, including WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, and Open Journal Systems (OJS).

Are There Opportunities for Collaborative & Grant-Funded Partnerships?

Yes! DSG works with many groups and organizations across the Northeastern community. Current partners include Northeastern University Archives and Special Collections and the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, as well as individual faculty and students. DSG can provide consultation on grant proposals and grant-funded projects involving digital tools and methods. In some cases, DSG can also oversee or work with grant-funded staff and students.

If you are interested in working with DSG on your project, information is available on the Become a DSG Project page, or you can email DSG at [email protected]. Also look out for regular calls for project proposals at the DSG website and on the NUDigital email list.

How Can Students Work with DSG?

The DSG offers work and research opportunities for students.

  • For graduate students, DSG has regular part-time, year-long positions. There are also occasional grant-funded positions on special projects.
  • For graduate and undergraduate students, we offer part-time, semester-long internships.
  • For undergraduate students, we welcome proposals for PEAK-funded research collaborations on DSG projects.
  • Students with work-study grants are especially encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit the Work with us page on the DSG website.

How Can I Learn More?

For more information, explore the DSG website or email [email protected].