Printers & Scanners

Where Can I Find Printers & Scanners?


  • Boston
    • Printers are located on the first floor of Snell Library.
    • Scanners are located on the printers in Snell Library.
      • A current, valid Husky Card is required to scan materials.
    • There are no public photocopiers in Snell Library. To make physical copies of printed items, scan and print them.
  • Oakland
    • Printer/scanner/copiers are located on the first floor of F. W. Olin Library.
    • An additional large high-res, flat-lay scanner is located on the first floor of F. W. Olin Library and is connected to the accessible computer station.
      • Please limit use of that station to scanning or use of accessible software.

Fax Machines

There are no public fax machines in Snell Library or F.W. Olin Library.

3D Printing

Visit the Creative and Design Services page for more information about 3D printing services.


Get Help

For assistance with scanning and printing, please contact Northeastern University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) by phone (617) 373-HELP (x4357) or by emailing [email protected]