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Google Scholar Preferences

Quick Access: Viewing Northeastern links in Google Scholar:

A customized version of Google Scholar is available with links to Northeastern e-journals where available.

Just bookmark this URL:


Setting your preferences

You can also set up Google Scholar to display Northeastern Library links whenever you are logged into your Google account.  Here's how:

1. Go to Google Scholar at http://scholar.google.com,  login to your Google Account, and select "Settings".


2. Find "Library Links"


3.  Search "Northeastern" and choose "GetIt@Northeastern".  Then click "Save"


4. Search Google Scholar for your article.


5. Choose "GetIt@Northeastern" to link to full text.  


5.  Right-click on the words "GetIt@Northeastern" if you need a URL to share with Northeastern colleagues or to make a Blackboard link.  It should begin "https://link.ezproxy.neu.edu/login?url=http://...".

As always, Ask a Librarian if you need assistance!

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