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Library Help Services:

For questions about library books/e-books and databases, research help, Scholar OneSearch, archives, citations

Information Technology Services Help Desk:

For questions about your Northeastern login , laptop loans, student portals, software assistance, hardware and printer support

Frequently Asked Tech Support Questions:

  1. Error message: 400 Bad Request or This service requires cookies/An error occurred while processing your request...?
  2. Blank screen appears when trying to access PDFs and other library content
  3. in Ebscohost, how do I remove "ContentServer" errors appearing in my browser when trying to view a PDF?
  4. How do I access the Chronicle of Higher Education links on my smartphone and email?
  5. In Canvas, how do I create a stable link for a journal article or ebook for my students?
  6. In Factiva, how do I create a link to a Wall street journal article?
  7. How do I set up FindFullText linking in Endnote?
  8. How do I set up Library Lookup in Zotero?

1.  Error message: An error occurred while processing your request...?

Shibboleth error: this service requires cookies...

This error sometimes occurs when a previous session did not completely close, or when you use the browser "back" button to the point where you logged in. 

To fix this error, try clearing your cache and cookies.  Completely close and restart the browser.

If that doesn't work, log out completely like this:

1. Go to

2. Completely close and restart your browser.

3. Go to and try to log in and connect to your database or ejournal again. 

To avoid this error:

Make a habit of completely closing your browser after a library session.

Do not use the "back" button in the browser to the point where you logged in. 

Never bookmark the login page for a library resource.  Instead, bookmark the site AFTER you log in, or right-click and bookmark the link BEFORE you click on it.

Cookies and library resources

We are contractually obligated to monitor for possible misuse of the electronic resources licensed by Northeastern University Libraries in order to help mitigate any unauthorized access. Therefore we cannot accept the following:

  • "Anonymous" geographic IP access attempts
  • Connections that switch geo-location within a single session
  • Traffic from addresses suspected of misuse.
  • Torproject exit nodes

Please turn off anonymizers, Tor, and similar software or use another network.


2. Blank screen appears when trying to access library content

Delete your cache and cookies.  If you don't want to delete your entire browser cache, you can first try deleting any cookies containing the string

Licensing agreements for these databases require that access be extended only to authorized users. Once you have been validated by this system, a "cookie" is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access these databases. This cookie only needs to be set once during login.
About cookies and security:

If you are using a firewall or network privacy program 'anonymizer', you may need to reconfigure it to allow cookies to be set from this server. However, please be advised that your ability to successfully connect through anonymizing software will be diminished. If you need a secure connection to library resources please consider using the Northeastern VPN service instead.

As you access library-licensed resources, the vendor and publisher systems may also use cookies. Your ability to use those databases may depend on your allowing those cookies to be set as well.

If you are seeing a blank screen when you try to access NeoFax in Micromedex, if you see this icon in your Chrome browser, click "always allow..."

3. What if I see "ContentServer" errors in my browser when trying to view an Ebscohost PDF?

If you are using the Firefox browser on a Mac OSX computer, first, be sure you have an up-to-date version.  

  • Click on Firefox--About Firefox--Check for updates

If this does not solve the problem, change the preferences for opening PDFs

  • Click on Firefox--Preferences--Applications--Portable Document format
  • Select "Preview in Firefox"

Browser settting illustration


4. How do I get access to the Chronicle of Higher Education links on my smartphone and from my email?

1. You can register and set up a personal account and password on the Chronicle web site using your Northeastern email.  This personal account is free to you and will work anywhere in any browser.


2. If you have a personal account (see #1) and an iPad, you can use the Chronicle app.


3. The library offers a “bookmarklet”, which you can drag or save to your browser’s bookmarks list.  It inserts “” into the URL so you can log in with your myNEU username and password.  No need to register a personal account.

The bookmarklet works with any journal or resource we subscribe to, not just the ChronicleFollow these instructions or watch a little video to see how easy it is to install and use.



6. How do I create a stable link for a journal article or ebook for my students in Canvas? 

Links to articles need to have "" embedded in the link.  For example:


If you need to insert this into a link, use the widget on this page to "proxy" the link, giving it a custom URL that will allow them to log in from off-campus.

Special instructions are available for


You may also ask your Subject Librarian for assistance with stable, persistent links.

What students can expect:

If students log into Blackboard at, their browser will "remember" them, and will be able to directly access library links to course readings embedded in the Blackboard course.

If students log into Blackboard via NUOnline, they may have to log in a second time to access library links to course readings.

7. How do I create a stable link to an article in the Wall Street Journal/Factiva?

Step 1: find your article

  • Search Scholar OneSearch for the article title and then click "View online-Factiva"
  • Connect to Factiva
    • search for the article you need
    • click "options"
    • click "sources" and select "Wall Street Journal"
    • click "search"

Step 2: link to your article

Click on the link that says "Share".  In the pop-up box, select "In other accounts" and save the URL to paste in Blackboard, emails, or webpages for others at Northeastern to link to.

illustration of Factiva sharing popup

This link will work directly for anyone on the Northeastern campus, including wireless or VPN access.

For users off-campus, it will prompt for a Northeastern username and password before displaying the article.



8. How do I set up FindFullText linking in Endnote?

Please see the Find Full Text instructions here.



9. How do I set up Library Lookup in Zotero?

Library lookup allows you to search any item in your Zotero library in Scholar OneSearch, providing information about full text availability and links to ILLiad for ordering.

To do this:

Go to Zotero-->Preferences

In the General tab, copy and paste the following in the custom URL box:



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