New Library Program Managers Support Students in Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Online Learning

By Evan Simpson

The library is pleased to introduce our new program managers, demonstrating where we are investing in library services for our students and researchers. These new roles recognize the increasing amount of support required to keep pace with an expanding student body and research enterprise, particularly in engineering and business, and to support the growth of hybrid and online programs across the network.


Jodi Bolognese is the library’s new Library Program Manager for Engineering, leading a team that oversees library support for the College of Engineering. Jodi came to Northeastern in 2020 and has helped the library build support for first-year engineering students and provide access to specialized resources such as engineering standards.




Khyle Hannan is the library’s new Library Program Manager for Entrepreneurship. Khyle joined the library staff in 2018 and will coordinate support for the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and entrepreneurial initiatives at Northeastern, including student projects and incubators.




Dina Meky is the library’s new Library Program Manager for Online Learning. Dina joined the library in 2019 and is a graduate of Northeastern’s College of Education with a Master’s in Instructional Design. She will be ensuring high-quality library support for Northeastern’s online programs across the network.