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A New NUCat

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
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The new catalog and discovery search, showing the top results for a keyword search for "Shakespeare"

The library’s catalog and discovery search displaying the top results for a keyword search for “Shakespeare.”

Beginning July 1, 2013, NUCat, the Millennium-based library catalog, will no longer be available. The library will instead be providing a more efficient and comprehensive search, which will include everything in NUCat and much more.

This search system, already accessible from the library’s home page, will allow for personalization and faster access to a wider range of library resources, including books, journal articles, media, and results from within article databases. It will also allow you to limit your search to the library’s catalog only, if you prefer to see just what is held in the Snell or Law libraries.

The new search system will be fully implemented in July 2013, and will offer a number of important improvements, some of which are already available via the current discovery search on the homepage. These include:

  • More accurate results: The search system is much better integrated with the library’s management system, meaning that your search will return more results, not just from the print and digital books and journals in the library’s collections, but also relevant sources in databases licensed and subscribed to by the library. Links to electronic resources will work more smoothly, as well.
  • Improved facets and parameters: The new search system allows for complex faceted search navigation and parameters to more efficiently manage your research. For example, if you are searching for results published in peer-reviewed sources with full text online, you will be able to easily narrow your search accordingly, and see results that meet only those criteria.
  • Personalization: You will be able to create a profile in your account to set preferences and store previous searches, saving you time. For example, if you wish to indicate that your discipline is astronomy, searching on “mercury” will retrieve more items about the planet, but if you indicate your discipline is literature, searching for “mercury” will retrieve more items about Greek mythology.
  • Better citation management: By logging in with your myNEU credentials, you will be able to easily save your search results within the search system, or export them to EndNote or RefWorks.

As with any new library resource, librarians are available to help with the new search system, as well as to listen to your suggestions. We will regularly be adding new functionality and enhancements, so your feedback is very important to us. And remember, for more in-depth research in any subject area, you’ll continue to find our librarians’ resource recommendations listed on our subject guides


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