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A Gift of Study Space

Monday, October 19, 2015
Elana Price
e.price [at]
(617) 373-5452


Photo of newly renovated study space on the third floor


Students are settling into new spaces designed for study and research on the 3rd floor of Snell Library thanks to a generous gift from Northeastern parents. With visits to Snell Library exceeding an average of 5,400 a day, space is often at a premium. This contribution is helping to accommodate more students this year.


The result of this recent contribution was completed over the summer — an additional 80 new seats, 20 new tables, and outlets. This is the second new addition to library study space made possible by contributions to the library.


In summer 2013, Snell Library was able to add 100 seats to the 4th floor as a result of donor support. In the last two years, Snell has reconfigured over 5,000 square feet of space and added 180 new seats with tables and outlets.


Students are flowing in, hunkering down, and responding positively to these renovations. Students using the new study space recently remarked on the new tables equipped with dividers, allowing students to work independently while seated at the same table.  “Before, we would sit down on one side of the table, but then nobody would sit on the other side, so now there’s more table sharing,” commented Nick D’Apice, BHS ‘19.


Olivia Riccardi, COS ‘19, added, “Even though we are sharing a table, the divider makes it so that I am not distracted by what the other people are doing, so I like these a lot.”


KJ Carlstrom, DMSB ’18, was pleased to see the new additions stating, “I think they’re a smart use of highly demanded quiet study space in the library, and they look great too.”

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