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Meet the Author: Dr. Kristen Costa

RESET: Make the Most of Your Stress
Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 12:00pm
Snell Library, Room 90
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Realize. Energize. Soothe. End unproductive thinking. Talk it out. These are the component’s of Dr. Kristen Costa’s guide to productively dealing with stress entitled RESET: Make the Most of Your Stress. In the book, Dr. Costa uses her experience as a therapist and a teacher to help the reader understand stressors, stress threshold, and how to process stress in a healthy and constructive way.

Dr. Kristen Lee Costa is a stress expert who promotes well-being and potential, especially for underserved and marginalized populations. Here at Northeastern University she is the lead faculty for behavioral sciences. She also operates Helping Helpers, a clinical and consulting practice devoted to prevent and treat burnout.