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Library Staff Directory

Rebecca Bailey
re.bailey1 [at] northeastern.edu
Antonio Banrey
a.banrey [at] northeastern.edu
Steph Barnaby
s.barnaby [at] northeastern.edu
Syd Bauman
s.bauman [at] northeastern.edu
Erin Beach
e.beach [at] northeastern.edu
t.bernstein [at] northeastern.edu
Jodi Bolognese
Subjects: Engineering, Physics
j.bolognese [at] northeastern.edu
j.bourns [at] northeastern.edu
Ethan Bren
e.bren [at] northeastern.edu
Molly Brown
mo.brown [at] northeastern.edu
s.carlisle [at] northeastern.edu
Robert Chavez
r.chavez [at] northeastern.edu
Ash Clark
as.clark [at] northeastern.edu
d.cliff [at] northeastern.edu
Dan Cohen
d.cohen [at] northeastern.edu
Sarah Connell
sa.connell [at] northeastern.edu
Philip Espinola Coombs
Subjects: Health Sciences, Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Public Health, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Communication Sciences and Disorders
p.coombs [at] northeastern.edu
Evie Cordell
Subjects: First Year Experience, Writing
e.cordell [at] northeastern.edu
p.diaz [at] northeastern.edu
Chris DiPierro
c.dipierro [at] northeastern.edu
Molly Dupere
e.dupere [at] northeastern.edu
l.fabiano [at] northeastern.edu
Drew Facklam
d.facklam [at] northeastern.edu
Subjects: Analytics
j.ferguson [at] northeastern.edu
Julia Flanders
jflanders [at] northeastern.edu
Subjects: Philosophy, Religion
br.greene [at] northeastern.edu
Khyle Hannan
Subjects: Business
k.hannan [at] northeastern.edu
Tracey Harik
t.harik [at] northeastern.edu
Candace Hazlett
c.hazlett [at] northeastern.edu
Subjects: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Linguistics, Regulatory Affairs in Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices
k.herrlich [at] northeastern.edu
Lindley Homol
Subjects: Education, Leadership, Sports Leadership
l.homol [at] northeastern.edu
s.hudner [at] northeastern.edu
j.iannone [at] northeastern.edu
Kimberly Kennedy
ki.kennedy [at] northeastern.edu
j.kleinman [at] northeastern.edu
Kate Kryder
Subjects: Data Visualization
k.kryder [at] northeastern.edu
Luesoni Kuck
Subjects: Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Marine and Environmental Science, Mathematics
l.kuck [at] northeastern.edu
d.lavoie [at] northeastern.edu
James Lee
ja.lee [at] northeastern.edu
Ella Lesatele
elesatele [at] northeastern.edu
a.lewontin [at] northeastern.edu
Alissa Link
Subjects: Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Health Informatics
a.link [at] northeastern.edu
Julie Long
x.long [at] northeastern.edu
Deb Mandel
Subjects: Media and Screen Studies, Music, Jewish Studies
d.mandel [at] northeastern.edu
Gail Mansfield
g.mansfield [at] northeastern.edu
s.maubourquette [at] northeastern.edu
Julie McBrien
Subjects: Technical Communication
j.mcbrien [at] northeastern.edu
c.mccallum [at] northeastern.edu
Greg McClellan
g.mcclellan [at] northeastern.edu
Meg McMahon
m.mcmahon [at] northeastern.edu
r.mcnally [at] northeastern.edu
g.mecagni [at] northeastern.edu
Dina Meky
Subjects: Commerce and Economic Development, Corporate and Organizational Communication, Digital Media, Enterprise Intelligence, Geospatial Services, Human Resources Management, Informatics, Information Technology, Nonprofit Management, Program and Project Portfolio Management, Project Management, Strategic Intelligence and Analysis
d.meky [at] northeastern.edu
G. Karen Merguerian
Subjects: History
g.merguerian [at] northeastern.edu
k.mooncai [at] northeastern.edu
Janet Morrow
j.morrow [at] northeastern.edu
p.murray-john [at] northeastern.edu
Gina Nortonsmith
g.nortonsmith [at] northeastern.edu
Mahala Nyberg
m.nyberg [at] northeastern.edu
Subjects: African American Studies, Anthropology, Human Services, Sociology, Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
c.oka [at] northeastern.edu
Lindsay Olson, Metadata Librarian
l.olson [at] northeastern.edu
Regina Pagani
Subjects: Art & Design, Architecture, World Languages, American Sign Language, Game Design
r.pagani [at] northeastern.edu
Subjects: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Government, International Affairs, Law, Military/Naval Science, Political Science, Economics, Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries
r.palmatier [at] northeastern.edu
Bill Quinn
quinn.wi [at] northeastern.edu
Jon Reed
jo.reed [at] northeastern.edu
Jeanine Rodriguez
je.rodriguez [at] northeastern.edu
Amy Ruskin
a.ruskin [at] northeastern.edu
Amanda Rust
Subjects: Digital Humanities
A.Rust [at] northeastern.edu
Bahare Sanae-Movahed
Subjects: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping
b.sanaiemovahed [at] northeastern.edu
d.schwindinger [at] northeastern.edu
Evan Simpson
e.simpson [at] northeastern.edu
Mark Sivak
m.sivak [at] northeastern.edu
d.smith [at] northeastern.edu
j.stirling [at] northeastern.edu
Sarah Sweeney
sj.sweeney [at] northeastern.edu
Nicole Thomas
ni.thomas [at] northeastern.edu
j.thompson [at] northeastern.edu
Sarah Towne
s.towne [at] northeastern.edu
e.valencia [at] northeastern.edu
Jess Valli
j.valli [at] northeastern.edu
k.vautour [at] northeastern.edu
Subjects: Journalism, Communications Studies, Theatre, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Computer and Information Science, English & American Literature
b.williams [at] northeastern.edu
k.yee [at] northeastern.edu
l.yee [at] northeastern.edu
p.yott [at] northeastern.edu
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