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Gift Books

Thank you for your interest in supporting Snell Library.  Due to severe space constraints and the transition to electronic information resources the Library does not accept gifts of books and other print items.  We do welcome and appreciate philanthropic donations to support our archival and electronic collections.  Please see information on Giving to Snell Library.

Digital bookplates are also available for online materials acknowledging your financial support.  If you are interested in donating a print item of special interest or value, please contact one of the staff members listed below.  Note that the Snell Library Help and Information Desk will no longer accept donations of print materials without prior approval. 

If you have organizational records or personal papers to donate, please contact Archives and Special Collections, (617.373.2351); archives [at]

Policy on Gift Book Donations

  • Snell Library accepts only gift books donations of special value or interest to the University and which are first approved by one of the appropriate staff members below. 
  • The Library requests that the donor not place restrictions on the materials or their disposition.  The Library reserves the right to dispose of the materials that are no longer needed or relevant to the collection.
  • Only materials in good physical condition will be added to the collection.
  • Because of the high cost of storage and processing, the Library is unable to accept materials that fall outside our collection guidelines such as:
    • Textbooks
    • Popular magazines
    • Back runs of journals, particularly scattered or single issues of periodicals

How to Donate

  • Contact Amira Aaron or Amy Lewontin (see contact information below) first, to discuss the nature of your gift and to see if Snell Library will accept the donation. 
  • If you are considering having your gift items appraised for tax purposes, plese do so prior to making the donation.  Due to legal reasons, the Library cannot supply cash appraisals for donated books. 
  • Estimate the value of your gift.  The attached letter (PDF) may be used as a guide for appraising your items.  Please be aware that the values in the letter are merely suggested and are therefore non-binding. 
  • Complete and sign the Gift Agreement (PDF). The Library also encourages donors to attach a list of materials including the title, description and condition of each item.
  • Deliver the items and Gift Agreement to the library. If assistance with delivery is required please contact (617) 373-2001.
  • All donations are acknowledged with a letter from the Dean of Libraries stating the number of volumes and the date of receipt.  It is the donor’s responsibility to prepare a list of materials donated upon delivery.


a.aaron [at] (subject: Gift%20Books) (Amira Aaron )
Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources
Tel: (617)373-4961

a.lewontin [at] (subject: Gift%20books) (Amy Lewontin)
Collection Development Librarian
Tel: (617) 373-2001


Alternate Places to Donate Materials

Please consult the American Library Association Book Donation site to locate charitable and other non-profit organizations that accept book donations. 


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