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Scanners & Printers

Printers and Quick Print Stations are located in the Infocommons labs and on the first and second floors of Snell Library.  Printing is available to students, faculty, and staff using Northeastern's print management system

Scanners are available on all floors of the Snell Library, in front of the main stairwell, or in the case of the second floor, near the middle of the floor by the Help Desk. Scan printed materials to a flash drive or email them to yourself.

Microform reader/printers are available on Level 1 of Snell Library. Use our quick start guide online, or ask at the Help and Information desk for assistance with the machine, as well as for retrieving microfilm. Scans can be emailed, or saved to USB or cloud storage. Printing is available for current NU students, staff and faculty.

Alumni and parents of students may request printouts from the Research Help office.

There are no public photocopiers in the Snell Library.  To make copies of printed items, you may scan them and use your student/staff print quota, or use the copiers at NU Reprographics located in the Curry Center. 

Get Help

For assistance with scanning and printing, please contact the Help and Information Desk on Level 1 of Snell Library, (617) 373-HELP (x4357) or at help [at] northeastern.edu

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