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Data Management Support

We can help facilitate your research processes now, and ensure long-term access to your research data.

What we do

We support Northeastern's data-intensive teaching, research, and scholarship activities by providing:

  • Assistance with data management plans (DMPs) for grant applications
  • Advice and support in areas of data management, standards, documentation and organization to promote preservation and reuse

Why manage research data?

  • Provide greater visibility for your research
  • Enable simpler sharing and collaboration
  • Streamline data collection & findability within your lab or research group
  • Fulfill grant funding agency requirements

Featured Resource:  DMPTool

Need a data mangement plan for your grant proposal?  Try DMPTool!

The web-based application gives step-by-step instructions and guidance for building a DMP and allows you to:
  • Create ready-to-use DMPs for specific grant-funding agencies including the NIH and more than a dozen NSF directorates
  • Collaborate with co-authors on data management plans for grant proposals
  • Access funder information, sample plans, suggested answers, and links to data management resources specific to Northeastern University.

Ready to get started?  Just visit the DMPTool site and create an account with your Northeastern email address to start building your own plan.

Contact j.ferguson [at] (subject: research%20data%20management%20inquiry) (Jen Ferguson), Head, Research Data Services, for more information and assistance.



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