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How IRis Works

Organization and Membership

IRis is organized into communities. A community can be a department, a research center, or any other unit of Northeastern University. If your community is large, you may divide it into subcommunities.

Communities and subcommunities establish collections into which files are organized. Library staff are available to advise you on how to set up suitable collections to meet your needs.

Publishing Your Work in IRis

If you have never submitted to IRis before, please review the Terms of Participation and Policies and Guidelines for IRis. Library staff are available to help you with the submission process.

For more information, see our Submission FAQ.

File Formats

Any file of any format or size can be published in IRis. Textual files will be automatically converted to PDF format during the upload process. For audio, image, and video files, we suggest you view a list of suggested formats suitable for long term preservation.

IRis does not include software or file viewers for rendering these files, and some proprietary formats may difficult to view or use in the future. This is why we recommend that you choose from our recommended formats for non-text works.


IRis has powerful workflow management features. You may give all or some members of your community permission to submit, edit file descriptions, and/or publish files. Library staff are available to advise you on workflow arrangements that will work best for your community.


IRis was launched by the University Libraries in 2006. It is currently hosted on the Digital Commons platform from Bepress.

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