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Schedules For Retention & Disposition

Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (Faculty and staff please use your NUNet credentials.  The schedules are also accessible through myNortheastern > Services and Links > Faculty/Staff > University Record Retention and Disposition.) are the basic component of the records management system. The schedules control the records throughout their life cycle. Records schedules identify particular records series and prescribe how long they must be retained before they meet their ultimate disposition (either destruction or Transfer to the University Archives). The two main objectives of records schedules are promptly disposing of records whose retention period has ended and preserving records that have long-term value.

While an efficient filing system is an essential element for effective and economical management of active records, equally important is an effective and efficient records scheduling program. Using and following records schedules allows an office to:

  • save time by reducing the volume of records that must be searched for information.
  • avoid legal problems associated with record keeping requirements.
  • promote efficiency by focusing efforts on those records that are most important.
  • save space by removing from the office records that are no longer in current use.
  • identify permanently valuable records.

The result, then, is better records, fewer records, and a more efficiently running office.


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