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Terms of Use
Rev 2008

Note: “Authorized User(s)” means (a) an individual who is either a faculty member, an employee, contractor, or an enrolled student (whether full-time or part-time) of Northeastern University at the Authorized Site, (b) visitors to Northeastern’s physical facilities at the Authorized Site or the campus network of the Authorized Site who have been expressly granted by Northeastern University the right to access the library resources, and (c) all of the above authorized individuals while accessing the Licensee library resources remotely through their campus network, provided that their access to the Licensee’s network at the Authorized Site is administered and controlled from the Authorized Site.

Permitted Uses. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, The Chronicle hereby grants to Northeastern University, and Northeastern accepts, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license (with no sublicense rights). Northeastern’s Authorized Users may make all use of the Licensed Materials as is consistent with the Fair Use Provisions of United States and international law. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit in any way whatsoever Licensee’s or any Authorized User’s rights under the Fair Use provisions of United States or international law to use the Licensed Materials. The Licensed Materials may be used for purposes of research, education, or other non-commercial use as follows:

  • to allow Authorized Users to access, download and reproduce a reasonable number of copies of the Licensed Content solely for purposes of research, education or other non-commercial use during the term of this Agreement; and
  • to allow Authorized Users to use a reasonable portion of the Licensed Content for use in connection with specific courses of instruction by Licensee.
  • to allow Authorized Users to extract or use information for educational, scientific or research purposes, including extraction and manipulation of information for purposes of illustration, explanation, example, comment, criticism, teaching, research, or analysis.
  • to allow Authorized Users to provide electronic links to the Licensed Content from Northeastern’s and/or Authorized Users web page(s) and/or in e-mail communications.

License Limitations. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that The Chronicle Site and the Licensed Content will be for the internal use of Authorized Users only, and Authorized Users do not have the right to modify, adapt, retransmit, resell, redistribute or compile the Licensed Content, in whole or in part, including for purposes of creating course books or educational materials, or for any other commercial endeavors, except as approved in advance in writing by The Chronicle. Northeastern  may incorporate article-level links to the Licensed Materials in Electronic Reserve collections for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction at Northeastern’s institution, but not for commercial use. Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source. The Chronicle and its suppliers reserve all rights and licenses in and to the Licensed Content not expressly granted to Licensee hereunder. Licensee shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that all copies of any Licensed Content made by or on behalf of Northeastern  under this Agreement shall bear all proprietary rights and other legends of The Chronicle and its suppliers as reflected on the electronic copy.