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Database Trials


Northeastern University Library is currently offering trial access to RIPM Jazz Periodicals.  RIPM Jazz Periodicals is a unique, full-text collection of 105 rare, primary source American jazz periodicals, a resource of great importance
to any lover of jazz and its history.  The first release of RIPM Jazz Periodicals contains 105 jazz journals, covering the period from 1914 to 2006. 

Here is a link to the User's Guide. 
From RIPM's site, a description of the type of jazz periodicals.
From RIPM's site, a list of the periodicals indexed.

The initial installment of RIPM Jazz periodicals contains periodicals published exclusively in the United States.  At a later date it is RIPM's intention, if possible, to include a number of important jazz journals published in other countries.
The trial ends on  June 7, 2019.

Please let us know your thoughts on this resource and evaluate its value.