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Database Trials


Northeastern University Libraries is currently offering trial access to a new primary source resource from Adam Matthew called Global Commodities:  Trade, Exploration and Cultural Exchange

This resource brings together manuscript, printed and visual primary source materials for the study of global commodities in world history.  The commodities featured in this resource have been transported,
exchanged and consumed around the world for hundreds of years.  The collection focuses on fifteen commodities and the ways they transformed the world.  The commodities covered are: Chocolate, Coffee, Fur, Oil
Opium, Porcelain, Silver & Gold, Spices, Sugar, Tea, Timber, Tobacco, Wheat, Wine & Spirits. 

Whenever possible the range of materials for each commodity includes:

  • Key historical texts describing the commodity-many of these have been sourced from the British Library and the Goldsmith's Library at the University of London.
  • Innovative mapping showing how commodities helped to make the world a more interconnected place.
  • Manuscripts describing voyages of discovery, the translocation of crops and the development of mines and plantations.
  • Strong visual resources including drawings of plants, illustrations of manufacturing processes, and posters.
  • Original marketing materials and packaging. 


 The trial ends on October 16, 2018.

Also, please note that PDF download options are not an option during the trial. 

Please let us know your thoughts on this resource and evaluate its value.