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SpringerNature Terms of Use

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SpringerNature Terms of Use 2018

“Authorized Users” means Licensee’s full- and part- time faculty members, students, staff, researchers, contractors (provided that use by a contractor of Licensee is authorized solely to the extent it is for the benefit of Licensee, and not for the benefit of the contractor or any third party), and other valid ID holders authorized to use the Licensee’s Secure Network and authorized “Walk-ins.”

For clarity, “Walk-ins” in this context shall mean patrons, not affiliated with Licensee, who are physically present at Licensee’s site(s).

Authorized Users may solely for their personal, educational, scientific, or research purposes:

  • access (including by remote access, with the exception of walk-in-users), browse, view, collate, display, search and retrieve the Content,
  • download, store on a hard drive or removable media drive, print and copy in paper and digital
  •  provide a link to the Content using functionality provided by Licensor such as Sharedit or use single articles, chapters or other individual items of the Content for the preparation, in both electronic and paper formats, of academic course materials (e.g. course reserves and course packs) with all rights notices duly presented,
  • To the extent permitted under applicable Licensor policies, available at ( transmit to a third-party colleague using either the Springer Nature Sharedit functionality or other reasonable means for Content, single articles, chapters or other individual items of the Content, or personal, scholarly, educational, or research materials, but in no case for commercial purposes nor in any manner or magnitude as to act as a replacement for that research colleague’s own subscription to the Content.
  • Make limited digital copies of the Content, including for course reserves and course packs, for posting to a closed specific course or learning management system that is accessible only by Authorized Users.
  • For clarity, nothing in this License shall negate, modify, or affect Licensee’s and its Authorized Users’ rights to use the Content as contemplated under the fair use provisions of 17 USC §107 and on §108.
  • Nothing in this License Agreement shall be construed to eliminate, limit, or otherwise alter any rights, including open access or self-archiving rights, possessed by authors who are Authorized Users of Licensee whose work is governed by a separate agreement or agreements between authors, Licensor, Customer, Licensee, or any third party, including, but not limited to, authors’ rights to make authors’ pre-publication manuscripts available on those authors’ internal websites, institutional or funder repositories as permitted under the Copyright Transfer Statement executed between the author and Springer.

Prohibited Uses

Neither Licensee nor Authorized Users shall:

  • remove, obscure or alter any copyright or other notices, trademarks, logos, service marks or any other proprietary rights appearing in or on the Content,
  • except as permitted by applicable law or this License Agreement, update, change, revise, adapt, modify, translate, transform or create any derivative work of the Content,
  • except as permitted above or by applicable law or this License Agreement, re- distribute, reproduce, or transmit the Content by any means including electronic (e. g., via e-mail, FTP) nor post it on personal or public websites or on public networks,
  • systematically download any Content to its own or any third party server, use routines designed to continuously and automatically search and index the Content (full text and meta data), such as web-crawling or spider programs or knowingly engage in any activity likely to burden the Platforms, except as expressly allowed in the License Agreement,
  • directly or knowingly use or assist any third party to use the Content for any commercial or monetary purposes including without limitation any sale, resale, loan, transfer or upload of the Content to a commercial entity’s internet website, or otherwise charge a fee for access; or
  • otherwise use the Content in a manner that would infringe the copyright or other proprietary rights contained therein.

Text and Data Mining Terms

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