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Royal Society for Chemistry: Terms and Conditions

Use of Information from The Royal Society of Chemistry (“RSC”)

Academic Subscribers


Authorised Users: means the Customer’s current faculty members (including temporary or exchange faculty for the duration of their assignment); enrolled post-graduate and undergraduate students; current staff members; contract personnel directly involved in educational and research activities of the Customer; and Walk-in Users, i.e. persons who do not fall into any of the categories above but are permitted by the Customer to access Publisher Content whilst they are on Customer’s physical premises.   Such access must at all times be by Secure Authentication on computer terminals within the Customer’s physical premises.   Walk-In Users may not be given means to access Publisher Content outside the Customer’s physical premises or by any wireless network unless the network is a secure network provided by the Customer.

Commercial Use:    means use which is for direct monetary reward or commercial advantage, whether by or for the organisation or Authorised User, by means of the sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or other form of exploitation of RSC Information.  For the avoidance of doubt:
(i)    charging of Authorised Users by the organisation for use of RSC Information is not deemed to constitute Commercial Use;
(ii)    use of RSC Information by the organisation or Authorised Users in the course of academic research funded by a commercial organisation is not deemed to constitute Commercial Use; and
(iii)    use of RSC Information by the organisation or Authorised Users in the course of contract research carried out for a commercial organisation to which the research results will be provided is deemed to constitute Commercial Use;

Customer: means the university or other organisation which has a contractual relationship with the RSC to access certain RSC Information.
Extent Limit    means the proportion of a book, journal or magazine that may be copied (in print or electronically), restricted to whichever is the greater of:
(i)    up to 5% or one chapter of a book;
(ii)    up to 5% or one article of a journal issue; or
(iii)    up to 5% or one paper of one set of conference proceedings;

RSC Information: means information provided by the RSC that an Organisation and their Authorised Users have a contractual entitlement to access.

Secure Authentication: means access to RSC Information by Internet Protocol (“IP”) ranges or by a username and password provided by the RSC to Customer or by another means of authentication agreed between the RSC and the organisation;

Prohibited Uses

Authorised Users shall not use any automated program including without limitation webcrawlers to access RSC Information.  Such activities may have a detrimental effect on RSC Information or access thereto, and they are strictly forbidden.

Permitted Uses

Authorised Users may access RSC Information via Secure Authentication only.

Authorised Users are permitted to:

1.    search, retrieve, display, and view RSC Information;
2.    copy (including printing and downloading) RSC Information and retain it as long as required for their own personal non-Commercial Use;
3.    use RSC Information for the purposes of research or private study only, and not for Commercial Use;
4.    store RSC Information electronically, provided the use is consistent with the other terms and conditions described here; and
5.     include RSC Information (for example, a figure, diagram or chart) in a presentation or in a in a published work provided permission has been sought and obtained from the RSC in advance, except as permitted in accordance with fair use/fair dealing principles.  A permission request form ( for this purpose is available from the RSC’s website(s).  The material must carry the relevant credit, as specified below.

In addition to the above, Authorised Users other than Walk-in Users are permitted to:

1.    distribute or otherwise make available RSC Information to other Authorised Users;
2.    include copies (including printed or downloaded) of RSC Information:
(i)    in anthologies (course packs) in printed or electronic form for sale (as long as the sale is not for Commercial Use) and/or distribution to Authorised Users for their use in connection with the course of instruction only; and
(ii)    in reserves (in printed or electronic form) for access by Authorised Users in connection with specific courses offered by the organisation;
where printed and electronic copies in each anthology or reserve do not singly or in aggregate exceed the Extent Limit.

Copies of RSC Information in any online or offline (for example, CD-ROMs) electronic form whatsoever which are included in electronic course packs or reserves must be deleted or destroyed, as appropriate, by the Authorised User no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the term in which the related course concludes.

If Authorised Users wish to gain permission from the RSC to carry out any other activity not explicitly mentioned above, they must obtain prior permission from the RSC.  Go to for details.


The RSC and any other applicable copyright owner(s) retains all applicable intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright, and database rights, and these Terms and Conditions do not have the effect of transferring any such rights to any Authorised User. Copyright notices must not be removed, obscured, or modified in any way.  Authorised Users must take all reasonable precautions to prevent theft or inadvertent illicit use of the intellectual property in RSC Information.  The relevant copyright notice must be displayed on all copies made from RSC Information.

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