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PsycArticles Terms of use

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Terms of Use

Authorized Users: For the purposes of this agreement, Authorized Users are defined as current members of the faculty, staff and students of Northeastern.  Authorized Users may be remote users so long as they are affiliated with Northeastern.  Walk-ins (patrons who are not affiliated with Northeastern) may be considered Authorized Users only if they are physically present at a Northeastern site.

Authorized Users may:

  • Print/Download/Extraction: Consistent  with the  Fair  Use provisions  of Section  107 of the  U.S. Copyright Act, Authorized Users  may display, print, download, extract or use a reasonable amount of content contained in the Licensed Materials for educational, scientific, or research purposes, including extraction and manipulation of information for the purpose of illustration, explanation, example, comment, criticism, teaching, research, or analysis.
  • Electronic Links:  Authorized Users may provide secure electronic links to the Licensed Materials from Northeastern’s web page(s) to increase the usefulness of the Licensed Materials to Authorized Users. Upon request, the APA will assist Licensee and its Member Sites in creating such links and Authorized Users shall make changes to the appearance of such links and/or in statements accompanying such links as requested by the APA.
  • Course Packs:  Consistent with the Fair Use provisions of Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act, Authorized Users may incorporate parts of the Licensed Materials which contain full text, but not including PsyciNFO and/or PsycTESTS, in electronic Course Packs, Courseware and/or Electronic Reserve Collection for the use by Authorized Users in a particular course of instruction offered by Licensee and its Member Sites under the following conditions:
    • Course Packs shall be used only in electronic form.  Course Packs appearing in print, CD-ROM, DVD, or any other physical medium shall be prohibited;
    • Course Packs, Courseware and/or Electronic Reserve Collections shall not be used or offered for Commercial Use and shall include attribution to the appropriate source, listing title and author of the extract, title and author of the work, and the name of the publisher;
    • Access to Course Packs, Courseware  and/or  Electronic  Reserve Collections is to be controlled  by security measures such as IP authentication or the use of authorized passwords that are only to be provided to registered students of that particular course;
    • Licensee and its Member Sites shall permanently delete all copies of Course Packs, Courseware and Electronic Reserve Collections when they are no longer used for a particular course;
    • Course Packs, Courseware and/or Electronic Reserve Collections in non-electronic non-print perceptible form, such as audio or Braille, may be offered to Authorized Users when necessary; and
    • Permission for other reproduction should be sought from the APA, via the APA Permissions Office; however no reproduction of a Course Pack shall be allowed for material obtained from PsyciNFO and PsycTESTS.

All right, title and interest in the Licensed Materials and all intellectual property rights related thereto, including but not limited to content, data, trademarks, copyrights, and any derivative works derived therefrom, shall be and remain with the APA and its licensor(s). Neither Licensee nor Member Sites nor Authorized Users shall have any right, title or interest in the Licensed Materials nor in any related intellectual property rights except as expressly set forth above.

Authorized Users may NOT:

  • Removal of Copyright Notice:  Licensee, Member Sites, and Authorized Users shall not remove, obscure or modify any copyright or other notices in the Licensed Materials.
  • Modification: Other than as set stated above Authorized Users shall not modify or create a derivative work of the Licensed Materials, in whole or in part, without prior express written permission of the APA
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