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Electrochemical Society (ECS) Digital Library

Terms and Conditions 2018

ECS grants to Northeastern University and its Authorized Users online access to the ECS Digital Library. This grant extends only to Northeastern University and to Authorized Users and may not be transferred or extended to others. “Authorized Users” means only the faculty or staff members of Northeastern University and other individuals whom Northeastern warrants have contractual access to the Northeastern’s information systems using an IP address within the University’s ranges, on-site, or off-site via Secure Authentication and who are affiliated with the Subscriber (whether on a permanent or temporary basis). Persons who are not current members of staff or are not a contractor of the Subscriber, but who are permitted to access the Subscriber’s information services from computer terminals within the physical premises of Northeastern (“Walk-In Users”) are also deemed to be Authorized Users, only for the time they are within the physical premises. Walk-In Users may not be given means to access the Digital Library when they are not within the physical premises of Northeastern.  


a. Authorized Users are permitted online access to the ECS Digital Library, and may download, save, or print text, search results, or other information from the ECS DL solely for their private use or research. The Authorized Users may only use this online access in a way that conforms with all applicable laws and regulations. 

b. For each online publication in the ECS DL, ECS grants Authorized Users permission to use brief quotations from the content of the online publications with the customary acknowledgment of the source; and to copy and transmit content from individual articles in “person-to-person” and non-systematic exchanges of information between Authorized Users and specific individuals. 

c. The  use of the ECS Digital Library by Authorized Users other than indicated above is a violation of the terms of this Agreement. Any other use of the Licensed Material requires the written permission of the copyright holder. 

d. Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement is meant to restrict the Fair Use and other rights of the Licensee under U.S. Copyright Law. 


a. Altering, recompiling, systematic or programmatic copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or republishing (beyond the brief quotations permitted above) of any text, search result, or other information from the ECS Digital Library, or any portion thereof, including without limitation, copyright, proprietary, and/or other legal notices contained therein, in any form or medium, is prohibited. 

b. Systematic or programmatic downloading, printing, transmitting, or copying of the ECS Digital Library content is prohibited. “Systematic or Programmatic” means downloading, printing, transmitting, or copying activity of which the intent or the effect is to capture, reproduce, or transfer the entire output of a volume, an issue, or a topical section, or sequential or cumulative search results, or collections of abstracts, articles, or tables of contents. Other such systematic or programmatic use of the ECS DL that interferes with the access of Authorized Users or that may affect performance of the ECS DL/HighWire System, for example, the use of ‘robots’ to index content, or downloading or attempting to download large amounts of material in a short period of time, is prohibited. 

c. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to ECS. Authorized Users may not circumvent ECS’s access control systems or use ECS’s systems or services to make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any other system or network. 

d. ECS shall not be required to distribute, and Authorized Users shall not redistribute, the Licensed Material or any article therein to a country to which export is prohibited by U.S. law or regulation.


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