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Order Form: 3D Prints

About You
Which college are you from?
About the Project
Why are you requesting this job?
What are the requirements of this part?
The Z-printer allows use of HP ink if you've texture-mapped your model.
If you do not upload a file, please include a link where it can be downloaded publicly. Allowed formats: STL ( .stl ), OBJ ( .obj ), VRML ( .wrl ) or an zip archive ( .zip ).
Files must be less than 30 MB.
Allowed file types: zip stl obj wrl.
Acceptable Use Policy
I agree that I will use the resources of NU’s 3D Printing Studio only to develop and produce the project which I have described on this Order Form.   This project is lawful and noncommercial in nature.  I agree to comply with any and all Northeastern University policies, including but not limited to the University’s Appropriate Use Policy, and other University policies listed below.  
I understand and agree that I must comply with any and all applicable state and federal laws, including copyright laws and restrictions.   I agree that materials I create using NU’s 3D Print Studio are, to the best of my knowledge, my own property or property of the public domain.  I will not use the 3D Printing Studio to collect, upload, transmit, display, create or distribute anything which may violate the rights of others, including but not limited to any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and/or privacy right.   I agree that NU’s 3D Printing Studio reserves the right to refuse to scan or print any object for any reason. I agree to obtain copyright clearance for third party materials, if applicable. I assume responsibility for any actions on my part which may result in a claim against the University or any other party related to University resources which I use on my project.  If any third party prevails in a legal claim that use of any of the materials in the project I create in NU’s 3D Print Studio infringes its property rights, the University reserves the right to seek indemnification from me, and I agree I will hold Northeastern University, its trustees, corporators, officers, employees, agents, and students, harmless from such claim.  I understand that my failure to comply with these policies, laws and rules may result in referral for potential disciplinary action.