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Check Out These New Resources!

Friday, February 12, 2016
Amy Lewontin
a.lewontin [at]
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The library is always adding new and exciting resources to its collection.  See some of the latest highlights here!

Education Week Online includes coverage of the print edition, as well as best practices, state highlight reports, multimedia tools, video, special reports. There are 33 years of fully-searchable archives, so you can research and focus on specific hot-button issues and events.
Also includes The Teacher Channel, Digital Directions & Industry & Innovations sections that focus on different aspects of K-12 education.


IET TV  is an online collection of over 6500 engineering and technology videos.  Programs from practicing engineers, technologists and key industry speakers are streamed live and/or on demand and include lectures, demonstrations, interviews and much more. Some of the areas covered include communications, control & automation, electronics, manufacturing, transportation, power.


Emerging Markets Case Studies from Emerald is an online collection of peer-reviewed case studies focused on putting theory into practice by analyzing business decision making and management development throughout key global emerging markets. Cases are written primarily by case-writers working in developing economies, offering local perspectives with global appeal.

Each case within this collection is accompanied by teaching notes. These notes are compiled by the author to support case delivery in a teaching environment. All teaching notes are complimentary with a subscription and accessible online to faculty members.


JSTOR now has E-books    You can now search for book chapters at the same time as you search for journal articles and primary sources. To see only book results, click on the Books tab after entering your search .  The JSTOR e-book collection includes books in all disciplines, but humanities and social science fields are particularly well represented. For more assistatnce with access please click here.


Lecture Notes in Mathematics from Springer The Library has recently purchased the complete run of Lecture Notes in Mathematics online as well as the Springer Mathematics and Statistics Book Archive, 2005-2016. 


The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives: 1960-1974 is a fascinating glimpse into the cultural, political, and social upheavals that shook the nation and the world during that tumultuous period. You’ll enjoy exploring the database’s primary source materials, which include oral histories, diaries, letters, and alternative or underground publications.

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