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A New Login System

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Karen Merguerian
g.merguerian [at]
(617) 373-2427


Image showing the old sign in screen for library resources (left) and the new sign in screen (right)

The old sign-in screen for library resources, left; the new sign-in screen, right.


With the implementation of a new authentication system for access to online resources, the library along with campus Information Services joins an international consortium of universities and research institutions dedicated to secure authentication, privacy, and appropriate access both within and beyond the organization. 

You’ll continue to use your myNEU credentials to sign in to the new system, called EZproxy. As more e-journal and database publishers become part of the new login standard that we are using, you'll be able to carry your identity with you during each browsing session and move more seamlessly on the web with fewer login requirements and fewer different logins and passwords to remember.

This conversion is an ongoing process, but has already begun with campus access to as well as a small number of library resources, such as ACLS e-books and ProQuest Congressional Hearings.

Existing resource bookmarks will no longer be supported as of this summer

A potential disruption will be that if you have created customized links and bookmarks to library resources, those bookmarks will no longer be supported as of July 1, 2013. You will still have full access to all your favorite resources, but you will need to update your bookmarks and links. The library will be able to assist you with this process.

As EZproxy is being implemented in stages, you don’t need to do anything now. Old-style and new-style links are both currently working, but with the completion of the transition in July, only the new links will be supported. A URL converter will be made available on the library website to help you update your links. In addition, the library is working with Academic Technology Services to automatically convert links included in course materials on Blackboard.

How to get help

Your subject librarians will be able to help with the transition by helping update bookmarks to your favorite resources. Contact them by phone at 617.373.2356, email: library_ask [at], or in person at the Digital Media Commons Information desk on the second floor of Snell Library to get started.

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