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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Black earth, red star a history of Soviet security policy, 1917-1991 1992. Nation, R. Craig. Book DK Online Snell Library
Black faces in the mirror : African Americans and their representatives in the U.S. Congress [2018] Tate, Katherine Book E Online Snell Library
The black hole at the center of our galaxy [2018] Melia, Fulvio Book QB Online Snell Library
Black London : the imperial metropolis and decolonization in the twentieth century 2015. Matera, Marc, 1976- Book DA Online Snell Library
Black Panther [2018] DVD PN Stacks Snell Library
The Black revolution on campus [2012] Biondi, Martha Book LC Online Snell Library
Black wings has my angel 2018. Chaze, Elliott Book PS Online Snell Library
Black, brown, yellow, and left : radical activism in Los Angeles 2006. Pulido, Laura. Book HN Online Snell Library
Black, white, and in color : television and black civil rights [2018] Torres, Sasha Book PN Online Snell Library
Blind spot : how neoliberalism infiltrated global health [2014] Keshavjee, Salmaan, 1970- Book RA Online Snell Library
Blockchain -- ICBC 2018 : first International Conference, held as part of the Services Conference Federation, SCF 2018, Seattle, WA, USA, June 25-30, 2018, Proceedings 2018. ICBC (Conference) Seattle, Wash.) 2018 : (1st : Book QA Online Snell Library
The Blood of Strangers : Stories From Emergency Medicine. 1999. Huyler, Frank. Book RC Online Snell Library
Blood politics : race, culture, and identity in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma ©2002. Sturm, Circe, 1967- Book E Online Snell Library
Blowout and well control handbook ©2003. Book TN Online Snell Library
The blue man and other stories of the skin [2014] Norman, Robert A., 1955- Book RL Online Snell Library
Blue-chip Black : race, class, and status in the new Black middle class [2007] Lacy, Karyn R., 1965- Book E Online Snell Library
Blunt abdominal trauma in children : problems and solutions 2018. Book RD Online Snell Library
The bodily nature of consciousness : Sartre and contemporary philosophy of mind 1997. Wider, Kathleen Virginia, 1944- Book B Online Snell Library
Body work : beauty and self-image in American culture 2001. Gimlin, Debra L., 1967- Book HQ Online Snell Library
Bohemian Los Angeles and the making of modern politics ©2007. Hurewitz, Daniel. Book F Online Snell Library
Bombay Anna : the real story and remarkable adventures of the King and I governess ©2008. Morgan, Susan, 1943- Book DS Online Snell Library
The book of Essie [2018] Weir, Meghan MacLean Book PS Online Snell Library
The book of Jerry Falwell : fundamentalist language and politics [2001] Harding, Susan Friend Book BT Online Snell Library
The book of yōkai : mysterious creatures of Japanese folklore [2015] Foster, Michael Dylan, 1965- Book GR Online Snell Library
Books as weapons propaganda, publishing, and the battle for global markets in the era of World War II 2010. Hench, John B. Book D Online Snell Library
Boost your STEAM program with great literature and activities [2018] Knowles, Elizabeth, 1946- Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Bordeaux/Burgundy : a vintage rivalry ©2008. Pitte, Jean-Robert, 1949- Book TP Online Snell Library
Borders and border regions in Europe : changes, challenges and chances [2013] Book D Online Snell Library
Born again bodies : flesh and spirit in American Christianity ©2004. Griffith, R. Marie 1967- author. (Ruth Marie), Book BT Online Snell Library
Born in the USA : how a broken maternity system must be fixed to put women and children first 2006. Wagner, Marsden, 1930- Book GT Online Snell Library
Bottled Up : How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn't. 2012. Barston, Suzanne. Book RJ Online Snell Library
Boundless faith : the global outreach of American churches ©2009. Wuthnow, Robert. Book BV Online Snell Library
Braintrust : what neuroscience tells us about morality / ©2011. Churchland, Patricia Smith, author. Book QP Online Snell Library
Branching streams flow in the darkness : Zen talks on the Sandokai 1999. Suzuki, Shunryū, 1904-1971. Book BQ Online Snell Library
Brass Diva : the Life and Legends of Ethel Merman. 2007. Flinn, Caryl. Book ML Online Snell Library
Breaking Bread : Recipes and Stories from Immigrant Kitchens. 2010. Anderson, Lynne Christy, 1965- Book TX Online Snell Library
Breaking the addiction to process : an introduction to agile project management. 2011. Scanlon-Thomas, Elizabeth. Book QA Online Snell Library
Breaking Through Concrete : Building an Urban Farm Revival 2011. Hanson, David. Book S Online Snell Library
Bretherick's handbook of reactive chemical hazards. ©2007. Book T Online Snell Library
Brewing justice : fair trade coffee, sustainability, and survival [2014] Jaffee, Daniel, 1965- Book HD Online Snell Library
The bridge over the racial divide : rising inequality and coalition politics ©1999. Wilson, William J., 1935- Book E Online Snell Library
Bringing the war home : the Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and revolutionary violence in the sixties and seventies ©2004. Varon, Jeremy, 1969- Book HN Online Snell Library
Bristol : a worshipful town and famous city : an archaeological assessment 2018. Baker, Nigel Book DA Online Snell Library
Bruce Lee : a life 2018. Polly, Matthew Book PN Stacks Snell Library
Brunello di Montalcino : Understanding and Appreciating One of Italy's Greatest Wines. 2012. O'Keefe, Kerin. Book TP Online Snell Library
Buddha is hiding : refugees, citizenship, the new America ©2003. Ong, Aihwa. Book F Online Snell Library
Budweisers into Czechs and Germans : a local history of Bohemian politics, 1848-1948 2005. King, Jeremy, 1963- Book DB Online Snell Library
Build a security culture 2015. Roer, Kai Book UA Online Snell Library
Building a High Performance Team : Proven Techniques for Effective Team Working. 2009. Cook, Sarah. Book HD Online Snell Library
Building democracy in contemporary Russia : Western support for grassroots organizations ©2003. Henderson, Sarah, 1971- Book JN Online Snell Library