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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Spying in America espionage from the Revolutionary War to the dawn of the Cold War c2012. Sulick, Michael J. Book UB Online Snell Library
SQL Server 2017 developer's guide : a professional guide to designing and developing enterprise database applications 2018. Sarka, Dejan Book QA Online Snell Library
SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services with R : data exploration, modeling, and advanced analytics 2018. Kaštrun, Tomaž Book QA Online Snell Library
SS Polizei at war, 1940-1945 : history of the division : rare photographs from wartime archives 2018. Baxter, Ian Book D Online Snell Library
Stability of adaptive distributed real-time systems with dynamic resource management 2013. Rafiliu, Sergiu. Book LB Online Snell Library
Stable and random motions in dynamical systems 2016. Moser, Jurgen. Book QB Online Snell Library
Stage, stake, and scaffold humans and animals in Shakespeare's theatre 2014. Höfele, Andreas, 1950- Book PR Online Snell Library
Stages of thought the co-evolution of religious thought and science 2000. Barnes, Michael Horace. Book BL Online Snell Library
Stakeholder engagement for service design : how service designers identify and communicate insights 2013. Segelström, Fabian. Book HD Online Snell Library
Stalin's Letters to Molotov, 1925-1936. 1995. Stalin, Josef. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Stalinism for all seasons a political history of Romanian communism c2003. Tismaneanu, Vladimir. Book JN Online Snell Library
Stand in the trench, Achilles classical receptions in British poetry of the Great War 2010. Vandiver, Elizabeth, 1956- Book PR Online Snell Library
Standing ground Yurok Indian spirituality, 1850-1990 c2002. Buckley, Thomas C. T. Book E Online Snell Library
Stanley Kubrick : New York Jewish intellectual [2018] Abrams, Nathan Book PN Online Snell Library
Staphylococcus aureus : aspects of pathogenesis and molecular epidemiology 2013. Stark, Lisa. Book QR Online Snell Library
Star of emancipation 1841 Book E Online Snell Library
Starbucks c2009. Bussing-Burks, Marie, 1958- Book HD Online Snell Library
State documents on Federal relations : the states and the United States 1900-1906. Ames, Herman Vandenburg, 1865-1935, editor. Book JK Online Snell Library
The state of eugenics. 2017. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
State of the Union : speech of Hon. Thomas Corwin, of Ohio, delivered in the House of Representatives, Jan. 21, 1861. 1861. Corwin, Thomas, 1794-1865. Book HT Online Snell Library
State violence and the right to peace an international survey of the views of ordinary people c2009. Book HN Online Snell Library
Statistical analysis : Microsoft Excel 2016 [2018] Carlberg, Conrad George Book HF Online Snell Library
Statistical handbook on infectious diseases 2003. Watstein, Sarah. Book RA Online Snell Library
Statistical signal processing in engineering [2018] Spagnolini, Umberto Book TK Online Snell Library
Statues in Roman society representation and response 2003. Stewart, Peter, 1971- Book NB Online Snell Library
The status of the reading subject in the Libro de buen amor 1985. Brownlee, Marina Scordilis. Book PQ Online Snell Library
The statutes at large of South Carolina 1836-1841. South Carolina. Book KFS Online Snell Library
Stem cell-dependent therapies : mesenchymal stem cells in chronic inflammatory disorders [2013] Book QH Online Snell Library
Still life before still life 2018. Ekserdjian, David Book ND Stacks Snell Library
A stitch in time : the needlework of aging women in antebellum America 2014. Newell, Aimee E. Book NK Online Snell Library
Stop street harassment making public places safe and welcoming for women 2010. Kearl, Holly. Book HV Online Snell Library
Storied dishes what our family recipes tell us about who we are and where we've been 2010. Book TX Online Snell Library
Stories about stories : fantasy and the remaking of myth [2014] Attebery, Brian, 1951- Book PN Online Snell Library
Storming the world stage : the story of Lashkar-e-Taiba 2013. Tankel, Stephen Book HV Online Snell Library
The story behind the dish fifty classic American foods 2012. McWilliams, Mark. Book TX Online Snell Library
The story of life in 25 fossils : tales of intrepid fossil hunters and the wonders of evolution [2015] Prothero, Donald R. Book QE Online Snell Library
The story of the Negro retold [1959]. Woodson, Carter Godwin, 1875-1950 Book J Online Snell Library
Storytelling strategies for reaching and teaching children with special needs [2018] Book LB Online Snell Library
The strange career of the Black athlete African Americans and sports 2006. Wigginton, Russell Thomas. Book GV Online Snell Library
Strange Philadelphia : Stories from the City of Brotherly Love. 1995. Harry, Lou, 1963- Book F Online Snell Library
Strangers and friends at the welcome table : contemporary Christianities in the American South [2018] Hudnut-Beumler, James David Book BR Online Snell Library
Strategic shortfall the Somalia Syndrome and the march to 9/11 c2010. Patman, Robert G. Book DT Online Snell Library
Strategic sisterhood : the National Council of Negro Women in the black freedom struggle [2018] Tuuri, Rebecca Book E Online Snell Library
Stretching and exploiting thresholds for high-order war : how Russia, China, and Iran are eroding American influence using time-tested measures short of war [2016] Connable, Ben Book U Online Snell Library
Strong rigidity of locally symmetric spaces 1973. Mostow, George D. Book QA Online Snell Library
Student companion to Elie Wiesel 2003. Sternlicht, Sanford, 1931- Book PQ Online Snell Library
Student encyclopedia of African literature c2008. Killam, G. D. Book PR Online Snell Library
Studies in contemporary jewry. the Jews and the European Crisis, 1914-1921 1988. Book DS Online Snell Library
Studies of mucosal immune regulation in celiac disease and type 1 diabetes 2014. Lahdenperä, Anne Book RC Online Snell Library
A subaltern's lament 2017. Turner, Harry, 1935- Book PR Online Snell Library