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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Selling your house for dummies [2018] Tyson, Eric author. (Eric Kevin), Book HD Online Snell Library
The semblance of identity aesthetic mediation in Asian American literature c2012. Lee, Christopher 1978- (Christopher Ming), Book PS Online Snell Library
Seminar on micro-local analysis 1979. Guillemin, Victor, 1937- Book QA Online Snell Library
Semitic languages an international handbook 2012. Book PJ Online Snell Library
Send the Alabamians : World War I fighters in the Rainbow Division 2014. Frazer, Nimrod T. Book D Online Snell Library
A sense of place : regional British television drama, 1956-82 2012. Cooke, Lez Book PN Online Snell Library
Sensory ecology, behaviour, and evolution 2013. Stevens, Martin. Book QP Online Snell Library
Separation from slavery : being a consideration of the inquiry, "How shall Christians and Christian churches best absolve themselves from all responsible connection with slavery?" : a premium essay [184-?] Wolcott, Samuel, 1813-1886. Book HT Online Snell Library
Separation of church and state c2010. Wright, Jonathan A. Book BR Online Snell Library
Sergio Ramírez, Rubén Darío y la literatura nicaragüense [2015] Moro, Diana Book PQ Online Snell Library
A series of articles on the value of the union to the South : lately published in the Charleston standard MDCCCLV [1855]. Spratt, L. W. author. (Leonidas W.), Book JK Online Snell Library
Series of Bessel and kummer-type functions 2017. Baricz, Árpád Book QA Online Snell Library
Serious cryptography : a practical introduction to modern encryption [2018] Aumasson, Jean-Philippe Book QA Online Snell Library
A sermon preached in the chapel of St. Peter's Church, New-York, on Thursday, the 10th of December 1835 : being a day appointed by authority as a day of public Thanksgiving 1836. Pyne, Thomas, -1873. Book AC Online Snell Library
A sermon, preached on the day of the National Fast : January 4th, A.D. 1861, in St. John's Church, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1861. Guion, Thomas T. (Thomas Tompkins) Book AC Online Snell Library
Sermons addressed to masters and servants, and published in the year 1743 [1813?] Bacon, Thomas, approximately 1700-1768. Book E Online Snell Library
Servant leadership in action : how you can achieve great relationships and results [2018] Book HM Online Snell Library
Servant or slave. 2016. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Service-learning in Asia curricular models and practices 2010. Book LC Online Snell Library
Services of colored Americans, in the wars of 1776 and 1812 1851. Nell, William C. 1816-1874, author. (William Cooper), Book AC Online Snell Library
Setting the moral compass essays by women philosophers 2004. Book BJ Online Snell Library
Seven stories of threatening speech : women's suffrage meets machine code 2011. Miller, Ruth Austin, 1975- Book JK Online Snell Library
Seven wonders of the Buddhist world. 2012. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Sex appeal six ethical principles for the 21st century 2010. Abramson, Paul R., 1949- Book HQ Online Snell Library
Sex Before Sex figuring the act in early modern England 2013. Book PR Online Snell Library
Sextants at Greenwich a catalogue of the mariner's quadrants, mariner's astrolabes, cross-staffs, backstaffs, octants, sextants, quintants, reflecting circles and artificial horizons in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich c2009. M�orzer Bruyns, W. F. J. 1943- (Willem Frederik Jacob), Book VK Online Snell Library
Sexuality in the Middle Ages and the early modern times new approaches to a fundamental cultural-historical and literary-anthropological theme c2008. Book PN Online Snell Library
Shadow and light : an autobiography with reminiscences of the last and present century [1995] Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar. Book E Online Snell Library
Shadow vigilantes : how distrust in the justice system breeds a new kind of lawlessness 2018. Robinson, Paul H., 1948- Book KF Stacks School of Law Library
Shall the war be for union and freedom, or union and slavery? : speech of Hon. M.F. Conway, of Kansas : delivered in the House of Representatives, Thursday, December 12, 1861. 1861. Conway, M. F. 1827-1882, author. (Martin Franklin), Book HT Online Snell Library
Sham democracy exemplified : speech of Hon. Benjamin F. Leiter, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, August 5, 1856. 1856. Leiter, Benjamin Franklin, 1813-1866. Book HT Online Snell Library
Shapers of religious traditions in Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, 1560-1600 [1981] Book BR Online Snell Library
Shapers of the great debate on the Civil War a biographical dictionary 2005. Monroe, Dan, 1961- Book E Online Snell Library
Shaping higher education with students : ways to connect research and teaching 2018. Book LB Online Snell Library
The shaping of colonial Virginia. [1958] Wertenbaker, Thomas Jefferson, 1879-1966. Book F Online Snell Library
Sharp : the women who made an art of having an opinion 2018. Dean, Michelle, 1979- Book PS Stacks Snell Library
She-Q why women should mentor men and change the world c2012. Takei, Michele. Book BF Online Snell Library
The shell game : writers play with borrowed forms [2018] Book PN Online Snell Library
The sheriff : merica's defense of the new world order 2009. Gray, Colin S. Book E Online Snell Library
Sherman vs. Hood-- "a low tart, inclined to be very sweet"--something for Douglas Democrats to remember--an appeal to history--where Governor Seymour got his "lessons"--on the Chicago surrender. [1864] Stevens, John Austin, 1827-1910. Book E Online Snell Library
Shifting boundaries : immigrant youth negotiating national, state and small town politics [2018] Silver, Alexis M. Book JV Online Snell Library
Shine : rediscovering your energy, happiness & purpose 2018. Cope, Andrew, 1966- Book BF Online Snell Library
The ship that held up Wall Street : the Ronson ship wreck [2015] Riess, Warren Book VM Online Snell Library
Shock therapy for America's health care system why comprehensive reform is needed c2009. Levine, Robert, 1939- Book RA Online Snell Library
Shooting an elephant and other essays 2009. Orwell, George, 1903-1950. Book PR Stacks Snell Library
Shopping for change : consumer activism and the possibilities of purchasing power 2017. Book HC Online Snell Library
A short history of the American negro. 1919. Brawley, Benjamin, 1882-1939. Book E Online Snell Library
The short life of free Georgia : class and slavery in the colonial South [2015] McIlvenna, Noeleen, 1963- Book F Online Snell Library
Show trial : Hollywood, HUAC, and the birth of the blacklist [2018] Doherty, Thomas Patrick Book PN Online Snell Library
Shrines of the slave trade Diola religion and society in precolonial Senegambia 1999. Baum, Robert M. Book BL Online Snell Library