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Selected New Acquisitions List

December 2021 ? Help

Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
""Di Vienna e di me"" Dalle lettere di / Aus den Briefen von / From the Letters of Pietro Metastasio. 2021. Beniscelli, Alberto. Book PQ Online Snell Library
""Einmal sang die Liebe uns ein Lied"" Deutscher Schlager der Zwischenkriegszeit in Wien und seine Protagonisten. 2021. Kornberger, Monika. Book ML Online Snell Library
""Ich, der unbekannte Sohn Gustav Mahlers"" : Die Geschichte eines Hochstaplers aus Wien, der Stadt der Klaviere. 2019. Stuppner, Hubert. Book ML Online Snell Library
"Apiqoros" : the last essays of Salomon Maimon [2021] Quinn, Timothy Sean, author, translator. Book B Online Snell Library
"Aqui nessa tribo ninguem quer a sua catequizacao" pedagogia social, educacao popular em saude e perspectiva decolonial. 2020. Book RA Online Snell Library
"At this defining moment" : Barack Obama's presidential candidacy and the new politics of race ©2011. Logan, Enid Lynette. Book JK Online Snell Library
"Buchon de agua" (Eichhornia Crassipes) impulsor de la fitorremediacion. 2020. URIEL FERNANDO, CARRENO SAYAGO. Book SB Online Snell Library
"Changer le système de la guerre" : le siège en Nouvelle-France, 1755-1760 [2020] Thévenin, Michel Book F Online Snell Library
The "Domostroi" : rules for Russian households in the time of Ivan the Terrible 1994. Book PG Online Snell Library
"El derecho a vivir como una mujer amante y amada" : Nydia Camargo, su crimen y su juicio (Mexico, decada de 1920). 2019. SPECKMAN GUERRA, ELISA. Book KGF Online Snell Library
"Fire from the midst of you" : a religious life of John Brown ©2002. DeCaro, Louis A., 1957- Book E Online Snell Library
"For the good of their souls" : performing Christianity in eighteenth-century Mohawk country [2020] Hart, William B. Book E Online Snell Library
"I have always loved the holy tongue" : Isaac Casaubon, the Jews, and a forgotten chapter in Renaissance scholarship 2011. Grafton, Anthony. Book PA Online Snell Library
"Los animales enseñaron el camino..." : la fauna de la Sierra Gorda queretana a través de sus representaciones cerámicas arqueológicas 2021. Muñoz Espinosa, María Teresa Book F Online Snell Library
"Our hemisphere"? : the United States in Latin America, from 1776 to the twenty-first century [2021] Crandall, Britta H. Book F Online Snell Library
"Our Steppe is vast ..." : Kurdish epics and tribal stories from Urfa, 1906 : Kurmanji - English 2021. Book GR Online Snell Library
"Padron mio colendissimo" letters about music and the stage in the 18th century. 2021. Book ML Online Snell Library
"Para que esten a punto con sus armas para lo que se ofreciere" Indios en la defensa del suroriente cubano, siglos XVI-XVIII 2021. PADRON REYES, LYLIAM. Book F Online Snell Library
"Person and act" and related essays [2021] John Paul II, Pope, 1920-2005 Book B Online Snell Library
"Pretends to be free" : runaway slave advertisements from Colonial and Revolutionary New York and New Jersey 2019. Book E Online Snell Library
The "river of fire" and the "river of molten metal" a historico-theological rafting through the rapids of the Christian and Mazdean apokatastatic falls [2021] Panaino, Antonio Book BS Online Snell Library
"Save my kid" : how families of critically ill children cope, hope, and negotiate an unequal healthcare system 2020. Gengler, Amanda M. Book RJ Online Snell Library
"Still they remember me" [2021] Dana, Carol A. Book E Online Snell Library
"The disenthralled hosts of freedom" : party prophecy in the antebellum editions of Leaves of grass [2021] Grant, David, 1959 December 6- Book PS Online Snell Library
"The million dead, too, summ'd up" : Walt Whitman's Civil War writings [2021] Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892 Book PS Online Snell Library
"The Nose" : a stylistic and critical companion to Nikolai Gogol's story 2021. Blank, Ksana Book PG Online Snell Library
"The Spanish Element in Our Nationality" : Spain and America at the World's Fairs and Centennial Celebrations, 1876-1915 [2019] Boone, Mary Elizabeth Book E Online Snell Library
"Theatricals of day" : Emily Dickinson and nineteenth-century American popular culture [2019] Runzo, Sandra Book PS Online Snell Library
"This mighty convulsion" : Whitman and Melville write the Civil War [2019] Book PS Online Snell Library
"To save the people from themselves" : the emergence of American judicial review and the transformation of constitutions 2021. Steinfeld, Robert J. Book KF Stacks School of Law Library
"Una carcajada en un velorio" los inicios de la republica liberal en la caricatura de Ricardo Rendon, 1930-1931. 2020. HERRERA CORREA, JUAN CARLOS. Book NC Online Snell Library
"Una historia difícil de narrar" : el período de La violencia en los textos escolares de Ciencias sociales junio de 2019. Ibagón Martín, Nilson Javier Book F Online Snell Library
"Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!" : sanctions and anti-imperialist struggles in Zimbabwe [2019] Mararike, Munoda Book HF Online Snell Library
#ChurchToo How Purity Culture Upholds Abuse and How to Find Healing. 2021. Allison, Emily Joy. Book HQ Online Snell Library
#Curacitta Napoli salubrita e natura nella collinare. 2020. Book HT Online Snell Library
#Curacitta Roma 2020. Book HT Online Snell Library
#WWE : professional wrestling in the digital age [2019] Book GV Online Snell Library
'Ain el-Gedida : 2006-2008 excavations of a late antique site in Egypt's western desert 2018. Aravecchia, Nicola Book DT Online Snell Library
'Allegri's Miserere' in the Sistine Chapel 2020. O'Reilly, Graham, 1947- Book ML Online Snell Library
'Blood is thicker than water' non-royal consanguineous marriage in ancient Egypt : an exploration of economic and biological outcomes [2020] Robinson, Joanne-Marie Book DT Online Snell Library
'For My Descendants and Myself, a Nice and Pleasant Abode' - Agency, Micro-History and Built Environment : Buildings in Society International BISI III, Stockholm 2017 [2020] Book NA Online Snell Library
'I Am' : monotheism and the philosophy of the Bible [2019] Glouberman, M. Book BS Online Snell Library
'I have a dream' : Die Kunst der freien Rede. 2019. Schloemann, Johan. Book PN Online Snell Library
The 'imagined sound' of Australian literature and music 2019. Cummins, Joseph Book PR Online Snell Library
'Isaac Went Out to the Field' 2019. Goldfus, Haim. Book GN Online Snell Library
'Komm' aus dem Staunen nicht heraus' : Memoiren. 2019. Fassbaender, Brigitte. Book ML Online Snell Library
'Leaving the country, I shall be free' : the South Indian Siri tradition as a source of identity 2020. Schuster-Löhlau, Pauline Book PK Online Snell Library
The 'other' martyrs : women and the poetics of sexuality, sacrifice, and death in world literatures 2019. Book PN Online Snell Library


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