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Selected New Titles

March 2020 ? Help

Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
!nnovation : how innovators think, act and change our world 2013. McDonald, Kim Chandler. Book HD Online Snell Library
"A very fine class of immigrants" : Prince Edward Island's Scottish pioneers, 1770-1850 2007. Campey, Lucille H. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
"A zoo of lusts ... a harem of fondled hatreds" an historical interrogation of sexual violence against women in film 2011. James, Deveryle. Book PN Online Snell Library
"And the cock crowed again" : essays on political ideology and German church history 2008. Balzer, Friedrich-Martin, 1940- Book BR Online Snell Library
"Appelle-moi Pierrot" wit and irony in the Lettres of Madame de Sévigné 1986. Recker, Jo Ann Marie. Book PQ Online Snell Library
"At this defining moment" Barack Obama's presidential candidacy and the new politics of race 2011. Logan, Enid Lynette. Book JK Online Snell Library
The "business" of Reforming American Schools Gelberg, Denise Book Unknown Online Snell Library
"C" force to Hong Kong : a Canadian catastrophe, 1941-1945 [1997] Greenhous, Brereton, 1929- Book D Online Snell Library
The "civil society" problematique deconstructing civility and southern Nigeria's ethnic radicalization 2004. Adekson, Adedayo Oluwakayode. Book JQ Online Snell Library
"Do you have a band?" : poetry and punk rock in New York City / 2019. Kane, Daniel, 1968- author. Book PS Online Snell Library
The "Enneads" of Plotinus, Volume 1 A Commentary 2014. Kalligas, Paulos. Book B Online Snell Library
"Fallen from the symboled world" precedents for the new formalism c1990. Prunty, Wyatt. Book PS Online Snell Library
"Family Support" empowerment af forældre i internationalt perspektiv 2005. Book RC Online Snell Library
"Francophonie" in the 1990's : problems and opportunities 1996. Ager, D. E. Book DC Online Snell Library
"Friends in Peace and War" The Russian Navy's Landmark Visit to Civil War San Francisco [2007] Kroll, C. Douglas. Book E Online Snell Library
"Grooming" and the sexual abuse of children : institutional, Internet, and familial dimensions 2013. McAlinden, Anne-Marie Book HV Online Snell Library
"HIV is God's Blessing" Rehabilitating Morality in Neoliberal Russia / c2011. Zigon, Jarrett. Book HN Online Snell Library
"Honorary Protestants" : the Jewish school question in Montreal, 1867-1997 [2015] Fraser, David, 1953- Book KEQ Online Snell Library
"I'm sorry for what I've done" : the language of courtroom apologies 2014. Gruber, M. Catherine Author Book KF Online Snell Library
"Ich bin eine Kanackin" : decolonizing popfeminism-transcultural perspectives on Lady Bitch Ray 2017. Tuzcu, Pinar Book HQ Online Snell Library
An "idle singer" and his audience : a study of William Morris's poetic reputation in England, 1858-1900 1975. Gardner, Delbert R. Book PR Online Snell Library
"In search of ..." : new methodological approaches to youth research 2015. Book HQ Online Snell Library
"Liberty to the downtrodden" Thomas L. Kane, romantic reformer / c2009. Grow, Matthew J. Book F Online Snell Library
"Like products" in international trade law : towards a consistent GATT/WTO jurisprudence 2003. Ch'oe, Won-mok Author Book K Online Snell Library
"Littery man" Mark Twain and modern authorship 1996. Lowry, Richard S. Book PS Online Snell Library
"My Heart Became Attached" The Strange Journey of John Walker Lindh [2003] Kukis, Mark, 1973- Book HV Online Snell Library
"Of laws of ships and shipmen" medieval maritime law and its practice in urban Northern Europe / 2012. Frankot, Edda. Book KJC Online Snell Library
The "Origin" Then and Now An Interpretive Guide to the "Origin of Species" c2010. Reznick, David N., 1952- Book QH Online Snell Library
"Our kind of movie" : the films of Andy Warhol ©2012. Crimp, Douglas Book PN Online Snell Library
"Our young soldier" : Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791-6 April 1812 [1996] Fryer, Mary Beacock Book Unknown Online Snell Library
"Paracuellos" : the elimination of the "fifth column" in Republican Madrid during the Spanish Civil War 2017. Ruiz, Julius, 1973- Book DP Online Snell Library
"Raw data" is an oxymoron [2013] Book Q Online Snell Library
"Red Ellen" Wilkinson : her ideas, movements and world 2014. Perry, Matt Author Book DA Online Snell Library
The "Russian" Civil wars, 1916-1926 : ten years that shook the world 2016. Smele, Jon Book DK Online Snell Library
"Seventy sevens are decreed" : a canonical approach to Daniel 9:24-27 2016. Haydon, Ron Book BS Online Snell Library
"Shattered nerves" : doctors, patients, and depression in Victorian England 1991. Oppenheim, Janet Author Book RC Online Snell Library
"That the People Might Live" Loss and Renewal in Native American Elegy 2012. Krupat, Arnold. Book PM Online Snell Library
"The Sons of Pigs and Apes" Muslim Antisemitism and the Conspiracy of Silence [2012] Kressel, Neil J., 1957- Book DS Online Snell Library
"The truest form of patriotism" pacifist feminism in Britain, 1870-1902 / 2003. Brown, Heloise. Book HQ Online Snell Library
"The Useless Mouths" and Other Literary Writings [2011] Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986. Book PQ Online Snell Library
"There are no slaves in France" the political culture of race and slavery in the Ancien Regime 1996. Peabody, Sue. Book DC Online Snell Library
"Thinking against the current" : literature and political resistance 2015. Oldfield, Sybil Book HQ Online Snell Library
"Thoughts painfully intense" : Hawthorne and the invalid author 2002. Mancall, James N., 1964- Book PS Online Snell Library
"We are now the true Spaniards" sovereignty, revolution, independence, and the emergence of the Federal Republic of Mexico, 1808-1824 2012. Rodríguez O., Jaime E., 1940- Book F Online Snell Library
"We Will Be Satisfied With Nothing Less" The African American Struggle for Equal Rights in the North during Reconstruction 2011. Davis, Hugh, 1941- Book E Online Snell Library
"When the Welfare People Come" : race and class in the US child protection system 2017. Lash, Don Book HV Online Snell Library
"Who, what am I?" : Tolstoy struggles to narrate the self 2014. Paperno, Irina Book PG Online Snell Library
"Wildcats" over Casablanca : U.S. navy fighters in operation torch [2006] Wordell, M. T. Book D Online Snell Library
The "X" factor : personality traits of exceptional science teachers 2010. Berube, Clair T. Book Q Online Snell Library
#hashtagactivism : networks of race and gender justice [2020] Jackson, Sarah J., 1982- Book P Online Snell Library


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