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Selected New Titles

February 2020 ? Help

Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Assessing wastewater management in India 2020. Dinesh Kumar, M. Book TD Online Snell Library
Associative and non-associative algebras and applications 3rd MAMAA, Chefchaouen, Morocco, April 12-14 2018 2020. Moroccan Andalusian Meeting on Algebras and their Applications Chefchaouen, Morocco) 2018 : (3rd : Book QA Online Snell Library
Asymmetry as a foundational and functional requirement in human movement from daily activities to sports performance 2020. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Asymptotic analysis for nonlinear dispersive and wave equations [2019] Book QA Stacks Snell Library
Atlas of black skin 2020. Book RL Online Snell Library
Atlas of dermatology, dermatopathology and venereology 2019. Book RL Online Snell Library
Atlas of pediatric surgery principles and treatment 2020. Al-Salem, Ahmed H. Book RD Online Snell Library
Attacks on the press 2015 : journalism on the world's front lines 2015. Book KF Online Snell Library
The attention economy and how media works simple truths for marketers 2020. Nelson-Field, Karen. Book HF Online Snell Library
Audel carpenter's and builder's math, plans and specifications c2005. Miller, Mark R. Book TH Online Snell Library
Audel carpenters and builders millwork, power tools, and painting c2004. Miller, Mark R. Book TH Online Snell Library
Australia's funniest yarns : a humorous collection of colourful yarns and true tales from life on the land 2019. Seal, Graham, 1950- Book PN Online Snell Library
Australia. 2019. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Australia. 2019. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Automation and Human Solidarity 2020. Jordan, Bill. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Aviva-no 2019. Adaf, Shimon Book PJ Stacks Snell Library
Ayu Lha-mo- the oracle of Sabu, filming June 1986 2019. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Bacilli and agrobiotechnology : phytostimulation and biocontrol. [2019] Book S Online Snell Library
Bacteriophages : biology, technology, therapy [2019] Book QR Online Snell Library
Balance function assessment and management [2021] Book RF Online Snell Library
The ballad of Samuel Hewitt [2019] Tooke, Nick 1970- Book PR Online Snell Library
Bang, bang 2019. Sandler, Kat Book PR Online Snell Library
Banished from Johnstown : racist backlash in Pennsylvania 2020. McDevitt, Cody Book F Online Snell Library
The Baudelaire fractal [2020] Robertson, Lisa, 1961- Book PR Online Snell Library
The bear 2020. Krivak, Andrew Book PS Online Snell Library
Becoming George Orwell : life and letters, legend and legacy [2020] Rodden, John Book PR Online Snell Library
Behavioral diabetes social ecological perspectives for pediatric and adult populations 2020. Book RC Online Snell Library
Belgrade the 21st century metropolis of Southeast Europe 2020. Arandelovic, Biljana. Book HT Online Snell Library
Bella Heesom : two plays 2019. Heesom, Bella Book PR Online Snell Library
Belt and Road Initiative -- collaboration for success 2020. Book HC Online Snell Library
The best 100 poems of Les Murray ©2012. Murray, Les A., 1938-2019. Book PR Online Snell Library
The best at it [2019] Pancholy, Maulik, 1974- Book PZ The Hub Snell Library
BEST CANADIAN ESSAYS 2019. 2019. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Best colleges. c2010- Book LB Reference Stacks Snell Library
Best friends : a bond that survived Hitler [2017] Adler, Esther Book PS Stacks Snell Library
The better angels : five women who changed Civil War America 2020. Plumb, Robert C. Book E Stacks Snell Library
Beyond Einstein gravity the minimal geometric deformation approach in the Brane-world 2020. Ovalle, Jorge. Book QC Online Snell Library
The Bible and the ballot : using scripture in political decisions 2020. Longman, Tremper, III Book BS Online Snell Library
The Bielski brothers : the true story of three men who defied the Nazis, built a village in the forest, and saved 1,200 Jews 2004. Duffy, Peter, 1969- Book DS The Hub Snell Library
The Big Book of Australia's War Stories : A collection of stories of Australia's iconic battles, heroes and campaigns from the Boer War to Vietnam. 2019. HAYNES, JIM. Book DU Online Snell Library
Bingo love 2018- Franklin, Tee Book PN The Hub Snell Library
Bioactive compounds in underutilized fruits and nuts [2019] Book QP Online Snell Library
Bioactive molecules in food 2018. Book TX Online Snell Library
Bioethics : health care law and ethics [2018] Furrow, Barry R. Book KF Course Reserve School of Law Library
Bioethics in the pediatric ICU : ethical dilemmas encountered in the care of critically ill children [2019] Miller-Smith, Laura Book RJ Online Snell Library
Biogenesis of fatty acids, lipids and membranes [2018] Book QH Online Snell Library
Biogenesis of hydrocarbons 2019. Book QD Online Snell Library
Bioinformatics and biomedical engineering : 7th international work-conference, IWBBIO 2019, Granada, Spain, May 8-10, 2019, proceedings. 2019. IWBBIO (Conference) Granada, Spain) 2019 : (7th : Book QH Online Snell Library
Biology and ecology of venomous marine cnidarians 2020. Santhanam, Ramasamy, 1946- Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Biomedical visualisation. [2019] Book R Online Snell Library


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