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Selected New Titles

July 2020 ? Help

Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Cultural-historical and critical psychology common ground, divergences and future pathways 2020. Book BF Online Snell Library
Cultures of economy in South-Eastern Europe : spotlights and perspectives [2020] Book HM Online Snell Library
Current advances in osteosarcoma clinical perspectives: past, present and future 2020. Book RC Online Snell Library
The curse of Frankenstein 2015. Harmes, Marcus K. Book PN Online Snell Library
CYBER SECURITY CRYPTOGRAPHY AND MACHINE LEARNING fourth international. 2020. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
CYBER-SECURITY IN CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES a game theoretic approach. 2020. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Cybernethisms : Aldo Giorgini's computer art legacy 2015. García Bravo, Esteban Book N Online Snell Library
Daisy Moon was born this way 2019. Sheehan, Emily Book PR Online Snell Library
Dark satellites 2020. Meyer, Clemens, 1977- Book PT Online Snell Library
Data and applications security and privacy XXXIV 34th Annual IFIP WG 11. 3 Conference, DBSec 2020, Regensburg, Germany, June 25-26, 2020, Proceedings 2020. Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Working Conference on Data and Applications Security Online) 2020 : (34th : Book QA Online Snell Library
Data and information in online environments first EAI International Conference, DIONE 2020, Florianópolis, Brazil, March 19-20, 2020, Proceedings 2020. DIONE (Conference) Florianópolis, Brazil) 2020 : (1st : Book QA Online Snell Library
Data science concepts and techniques with applications 2020. Qamar, Usman. Book QA Online Snell Library
Data security in cloud storage 2020. Zhang, Yuan. Book QA Online Snell Library
Datafied society : studying culture through data 2017. Book HM Online Snell Library
Daughter of the heartland : my ode to the country that raised me 2020. Ernst, Joni, 1970- Book E Online Snell Library
The dawning of gauge theory ©1997. O'Raifeartaigh, L. (Lochlainn) Book QC Online Snell Library
Days of the blackthorn : faction fighters of Kerry [2020] Moraghan, Sean Book DA Online Snell Library
Dead of night 2015. Conolly, Jez Book PN Online Snell Library
Dear America : letters of hope, habitat, defiance, and democracy [2020] Book HN Online Snell Library
DEAR EMMIE BLUE. 2020. LOUIS, LIA. Book PR Online Snell Library
Dear Neil Armstrong : letters to the first man on the moon from all mankind [2020] Purdue University. Archives and Special Collections Book TL Online Snell Library
DEAR WHITE CHRISTIANS for those still longing for racial reconciliation. 2020. HARVEY, JENNIFER. Book BT Online Snell Library
Death and the butterfly : a novel 2020. Hester, Colin, 1951- Book PR Online Snell Library
Deer and people 2014. Book QL Online Snell Library
DEMARCO UNTITLED. 2020. LAWSON, MIKE. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Dementia and chronic disease : management of comorbid medical conditions 2020. Book RC Online Snell Library
Democracy, if we can keep it : the ACLU's 100-year fight for rights in America 2020. Cose, Ellis Book JC Online Snell Library
Der Herr der Seen, Sümpfe und Flussläufe : Untersuchungen zum Gott Sobek und den ägyptischen Krokodilgötter-Kulten von den Anfängen bis zur Römerzeit. Teil 1: Ikonographie und theologische Konzeption. Teil 2: Kulttopographie und rituelle Wirklichkeit. Teil 3: Indices, Bibliographie und Tafeln. 2018. Kockelmann, Holger. Book BL Online Snell Library
Derry City : memory and political struggle in Northern Ireland [2020] Shea, Margo, 1970- Book DA Online Snell Library
The descent 2013. Marriott, James, 1972- Book PN Online Snell Library
Desert notebooks : a road map for the end of time 2020. Ehrenreich, Ben Book QH Online Snell Library
Designing the music business design culture, music video and virtual reality 2020. Morrow, Guy. Book ML Online Snell Library
Development of a system for selective pasture care by an autonomous mobile machine 2020. Seiferth, Benjamin. Book SB Online Snell Library
The development of neolithic house societies in Orkney : investigations in the Bay of Firth, Mainland, Orkney (1994-2014) 2016. Book GN Online Snell Library
Developments in Mathematical and Conceptual Physics Concepts and Applications for Engineers 2020 ; Parthasarathy, Harish. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Dialectics Unbound: On the Possibility of Total Writing [2013] Kennel, Maxwell Book B Online Snell Library
Diameter-transformed fluidized bed fundamentals and practice 2020. Xu, Youhao. Book TP Online Snell Library
DIFFERENTIABLE MANIFOLDS a theoretical physics approach. 2020. TORRES DEL CASTILLO, GERARDO F. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Digital passages : migrant youth 2.0 : diaspora, gender and youth cultural intersections [2015] Leurs, Koen Book P Online Snell Library
DISABILITY AS DIVERSITY a guidebook for inclusion in medicine, nursing, and the health professions. 2020. Book R Online Snell Library
Discrete distributions in engineering and the applied sciences [2020] Chattamvelli, Rajan Book TA Online Snell Library
Disinformation, misinformation, and fake news in social media : emerging research challenges and opportunities [2020] Book PN Online Snell Library
Disorders-differences of sex development an integrated approach to management 2020. Book RJ Online Snell Library
Distributed applications and interoperable systems 20th IFIP WG 6. 1 International Conference, DAIS 2020, held as part of the 15th International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques, DisCoTec 2020, Valletta, Malta, June 15-19, 2020, Proceedings 2020. DAIS (Conference) Online) 2020 : (20th : Book QA Online Snell Library
Diverse pedagogical approaches to experiential learning multidisciplinary case studies, reflections, and strategies 2020. Book LB Online Snell Library
Divine Name Verification: An Essay on Anti-Darwinism, Intelligent Design, and the Computational Nature of Reality. 2013. Noah Horwitz. Book BV Online Snell Library
Django standalone apps learn to develop reusable Django libraries 2020. Lopatin, Ben. Book QA Online Snell Library
Do Economists Make Markets? On the Performativity of Economics. 2007. MacKenzie, Donald. Book HB Online Snell Library
Doctors' orders : the making of status hierarchies in an elite profession [2020] Jenkins, Tania M. Book RA Online Snell Library
Doctors' stories : the narrative structure of medical knowledge [1991] Montgomery, Kathryn, 1939- Book R Online Snell Library


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