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Naxos Mobile App

An iPhone app for listening to streaming music available through the NU Libraries.


You must first register for a Naxos Playlist Account. To do this, vist Naxos Music Library on a computer.  (if you are off-campus, use myNEU credentials to log in first.). Click on the Playlist tab, then click “Sign Up.” (If nothing happens the first time you click, click again). Enter your name, email address, and create a password.

If you wish, build an unlimited number of playlists. (Playlists are limited to 60 tracks or 4 hours–whichever comes first–for loading and streaming optimization.)

The same Naxos account is used for playlists and for the iPhone app. 

Once you've created your Naxos account, download and install the app from iTunes or scan the QR code below.  Search Naxos, access your playlists if any, and stream music. 


While you may search and stream on a mobile device, building and editing playlists must be done on a computer.

Tech Support
NMLHelp [at] (subject: Need%20assistance%20with%20iPhone%20app, body: I%27m%20affiliated%20with%20Northeastern%20University%20and%20I%20need%20help%20using%20the%20Naxos%20iPhone%20app)

QR Code for iTunes app

QR Code for Naxos app in iTunes

Tested: iPhone 3g and above, iPod touch


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