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Terms of Use

Authorized Users Are: Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni

Authorized Users May:

Download & print one copy of each chapter or entry for personal use & archive content on their own personal computer Use an “offline browser” to download content for use later, but the browser must be configured to request no more than one chapter or entry per minute. Non-compliance may result in the IP address being blocked until the problem is resolved or could result in permanent blocking of the IP address. Use a persistent link to the Guide or to parts of the guide on a site that is only accessible to authorized users. When these links are used on a Blackboard site or for electronic reserve, the access is limited to the duration of the course. Each entry must carry an appropriate acknowledgement of the source, copyright, and publisher, and the links to such items shall be deleted when they are no longer needed for the course.

Authorized Users May Not:

  • Disseminate content from the Guide outside the campus or institution
  • Transmit the digital source code, in any format Use content in course packs except as described above
  • Use web robots, spiders, crawlers, wanderers or accelerators to automatically download content from the site.
  • Access to the resource could be shut down if the publisher detects this type of misuse.
  • Remove, cover, overlay, obscure, block, or change any copyright notices, legends, or terms of use; or modify or create a derivative work from the Guide without the prior written permission of the copyright holder
  • Re-use content for commercial use with prior written permission of the copyright holder
    Make agreements for access to the Guide with individuals, organizations, vendors, affiliates, or partners, who are not Authorized Users.

Johns Hopkins University Press holds the copyright to the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism. They must be contacted for any use that is not allowed above.
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