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Funding Priorities: Reinventing Library Spaces

Collaboration space in the Digital Media Commons

In response to the dynamic educational ecosystem, the role of the library is going through a dramatic transformation within the university. Above all, the library is no longer soley a collection facility, but is now a learning center and service provider; an all-in-one space for learning, sharing, creating, and more. The main function of a library is not only to purchase and make available resources, but also to provide support for the core research, teaching and learning activities of the university. This shift is the inspiration for a reimagining of the library space, a change that has already recreated the first and second floors of the Snell Library building.


In the spirit of Northeastern’s investment in transformational innovation and knowledge creation, the new library spaces will reinforce the potential for collaboration and interaction between members of the community fostering new strategies of information access and discovery.  The library needs funds for equipment, software and technology upgrades, and facility enhancements to realize this vision.

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