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If you're currently enrolled in college, you already know that textbooks are really, really expensive. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported in August 2012 that students spend, on average, $1213 per year on college textbooks.


Hillary Corbett, our Scholarly Communication Librarian, has written two blog posts about textbook costs:
"Affordable Textbooks? You Have Options!" (September 9, 2010)
"Affordable Textbooks 2012...Now, With Even More Options!" (September 6, 2012)


What can be done?

Faculty and students can check out sites like Textbook Revolution (created by a former NU student!) for access to free online textbooks, or this online Guide to Getting the Cheapest Textbooks.


Consider getting involved with the Affordable Textbooks Campaign, a coalition of Student PIRGs and Student Government Associations who are working to make college more affordable. The campaign seeks to educate students, faculty, and universities about the reality of the textbook publishing market, and supports state legislation and federal reporting focused on the affect of high textbook cost on student life.