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Student Advocacy Groups

The Free Culture Foundation

This group was started as Students for Free Culture by two Swarthmore College students in April 2004 after they sued voting-machine manufacturer Diebold for abusing copyright law. In April 2013 they renamed themselves the Free Culture Foundation to reflect their growing activity beyond colleges and universities.

The mission of the Free Culture Foundation is "to undo the exploitation enabled by private ownership of technology, media, and communication networks," through local and global targeted campaigns, public education, and policy advocacy. The group is named after the book Free Culture by Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig.

In the past there has been a Northeastern chapter, although it does not appear to be active currently. The university held a Free Culture Forum in March 2006.

The Right to Research Coalition

R2RC poster thumbnailR2RC, founded by students in 2009, focuses on disconnecting students' ability to access research from their institutions' ability to pay for expensive subscriptions and databases. The coalition advocates for open access publishing and works to educate scholars and researchers at all levels about the importance of student access to research. It is supported by SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition.

Northeastern University does not currently have a student organization involved with R2RC - find out how to get involved, and download posters and brochures like the one shown here.


Image credits:

Free Culture logo: By Skyfaller, CC-BY-SA-3.0, from Wikimedia Commons.

Right to Research poster: SPARC/Right to Research Coalition, CC-BY-3.0.