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Apply for an Individual Study

For questions, please contact Rhiannon McCarthy at rh.mccarthy [at] neu.edu.

Note: Individual study rooms are available to graduate students only.
Priority is given to those who are writing a thesis or dissertation.

Policies and Procedures for Individual Study Rooms:

  1.  Applications are processed in the order received.  Rooms are assigned for one semester, and new application must be made each semester.  Preference will be given to applicants who did not have a room in the previous semester.  If no rooms are currently available, your application will be placed on the waiting list for the semester of application.
  2. Library staff regularly monitors the use of individual studies. Because there is typically a waiting list, an assignee whose study is little used may be asked to relinquish that study for use by another.
  3. The Library reserves the right to inspect materials in all studies. All library materials retained in the studies must be circulating items that are properly and currently charged out in the name of the individual to whom the study is assigned. Library materials that are either not currently charged out or are non-circulating materials will be removed and returned to the general collection. Overdue materials will also be removed, charged back into the library, returned to the collection and a fine will be assessed.
  4. Study room keys are for library use only and cannot leave the building.  Keys must be returned to the Help and Information Desk on the first floor of the Snell Library before exiting the building.
  5. Keys may be checked out during regular desk hours.  Study rooms may be used overnight while overnight hours are in operation. 
  6. You may not lend the key or permit it to be duplicated.
  7. A study may be used by the individual to whom it is assigned.  A study is to be used only for individual study and research; it is not to be used as an office, group study, or meeting room.
  8. The study is to be kept reasonably clean.  Nothing may be affixed to the walls, door, furniture, or windows of the study.  You may not relocate library furniture into this room.
  9. The Library is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings left in a study.