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Copyright and Interlibrary Loan

Most materials requested through interlibrary loan are protected by copyright. There are two exceptions built into the U.S. copyright law that permit libraries to provide copies of articles or book chapters to their users, as long as specific conditions are met. Library users receiving these copies must also respect copyright law.

How we comply

When acquiring copies of articles from other libraries, and when sending copies of articles we own to other libraries, our Resource Sharing staff must follow U.S. copyright law, specifically Title 17, Sections 107 and 108 of the U.S. Code. The library also follows established guidelines for fulfilling requests for multiple recent articles from the same journal and multiple chapters from the same book to ensure that copying does not exceed fair use. Staff may refuse your request if it appears that fulfillment would be a violation of the law and will advise you as to other ways to obtain the needed material.

How you comply

Your usage of material received through interlibrary loan must also comply with copyright law. You will be notified about this when you place a request through ILLiad, and copies/scans you receive will also be accompanied by a statement regarding copyright. Items received through interlibrary loan are for your personal use only - that is, personal study, scholarship, or research. They may not be shared with others or used for profit. Faculty may not use interlibrary loan to request materials for course reserve.

Many interlibrary loan requests are facilitated by the Copyright Clearance Center's "Get It Now" service, which specifies that

- store an article for your personal use            
- "mark it up" for your personal research use
- print a copy of the article
- remove copyright or trademark notices
- otherwise change the article
- store it in on an electronic server accessible to anyone else
- send it electronically to anyone else

For more information

Contact Resource Sharing staff at ill [at] neu.edu or 617-373-8276.