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  1. http://library.northeastern.edu/services/rooms-spaces
    Rooms & Spaces Rooms & Spaces . Rooms may be reserved only during the library’s ...
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  2. http://library.northeastern.edu/services/rooms-and-spaces/alumni-reading-room
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  3. http://library.northeastern.edu/services/rooms-and-spaces/alumni-reading-room/reserve-the-alumni-reading-room
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  4. http://library.northeastern.edu/news-events/library-news/library-services-during-summer-2013-construction
    Library services during summer 2013 construction Thomas Urell Library services during summer 2013 construction Services Traffic cone construction logo   Renovations are under way this ...
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  5. http://library.northeastern.edu/news-events/library-news/snell-librarys-new-look
    ... new look Thomas Urell Snell Library’s new look Services Published by the News @ Northeastern September 12, 2013. By Greg ... now includes more than 20 new col­lab­o­ra­tive work­ rooms , a redesigned Info­Com­mons and main lobby, and informal study ...
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  6. http://library.northeastern.edu/news-events/library-news/northeastern-to-expand-librarys-cutting-edge-digital-media-commons
    ... library’s cutting-​​edge Digital Media Commons Services Published by the News @ Northeastern May 29, 2013 Building on the ... The uni­ver­sity will also add more than 20 new rooms designed for group study and col­lab­o­ra­tion, as well as more ...
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  7. http://library.northeastern.edu/news-events/library-news/library-upgrades-the-focus-at-town-hall-forum
    ... upgrades the focus at town-​​hall forum Services Published by News @ Northeastern January 28, 2013. Sev­eral dozen ... com­mittee and the ongoing efforts to refur­bish class­ rooms , adding that dozens of class­ rooms are updated annu­ally during ...
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  8. http://library.northeastern.edu/news-events/library-news/the-shape-of-things-to-come
    ... things to come Thomas Urell The shape of things to come Services In his State of the Union address in Feb­ruary, Pres­i­dent ... access to edu­ca­tional tech­nology; addi­tional study spaces ; and new, inno­v­a­tive oppor­tu­ni­ties for teaching and ...
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  9. http://library.northeastern.edu/news-events/library-news/graduate-student-resources-at-snell
    ... provides a number of dedicated study spaces and services for graduate students: Room 421 on Snell Library's fourth floor ... swipe access. Snell Library features 32 individual study rooms available exclusively to graduate students. View more information about ...
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  10. http://library.northeastern.edu/services/digital-media-commons-studios
    ... . Media Creation Studios: Open when library staff and services are available at the 1st floor  Help & Information Desk . Creation ... editing should submit a request with Academic Technology Services . ...
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