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    New & Updated Resources , Fall 2012 Your Subject Librarian New & Updated Resources , Fall 2012 Research Databases Listed here are the major research databases and other ...
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    Internet Resources Internet Resources WorldCat Local A database of all materials, ... Collections Includes links to Library of Congress resources , the RLIN Archival and Mixed Collections database , and links to ...
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    ... Access to Congressional Hearings Back to 1824 Research Databases With the recent purchase of the ProQuest retrospective full-text ... Amira Aaron, Associate Dean of Libraries for Scholarly Resources , adds, “The Library is grateful for the support of the Provost ...
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    ... reports from magazines, newspapers, journals, and other resources . You can quickly search a very large number of articles for ... Google allows you to type a whole sentence or phrase, most databases do not behave this way. You need to identify the key words to have ...
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    ... integration with the system that manages our library resources and catalog, which is being replaced over the next year. The ... on their topic. Key features include: Find it all: use a single interface for all your research, where you can ...
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    ... and faster access to a wider range of library resources , including books, journal articles, media, and results from within article databases . It will also allow you to limit your search to the library’s ...
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    Graduate Students Graduate Students Find a specific electronic journal , periodical, or newspaper by title. ... Service . See our list of article databases that focus on finding articles in newspapers, magazines, and ...
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    ... by SPARC , the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. Northeastern University does not currently have a student organization involved with R2RC - find out how to get involved , and download posters and brochures like ...
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    ... Logging in from off-campus Research databases : complete A-Z list Recommend a book , video, DVD, ...
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    ... you use our ejournal finder or A-Z list of online resources to access journals and databases .  If you did that and you are still receiving this error, ...
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