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    ... to "Advanced Search"--> "Look up citation" to find a specific article by author, title, page, date and more.  ...
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    Journals & E- journals Journals & E- journals To find e- journals : Use our E- journal Finder . To find both print ...
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    Sage Premier Journals Online Sage Premier Journals Online Article Databases Business & Management Social Sciences Find articles published in journals published by Sage. ...
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    Find Articles Find Articles Written by and for professionals or scholars Articles have ... of publication for each periodical. Where should I go to find scholarly articles? Select and search bibliographic databases and/or ...
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    ... Journal Cost-Effectiveness - "Use this search engine to find internationally-published journals and rank them by price per article or citation" Monograph and Serial ...
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    EndNote Find Full Text EndNote Find Full Text and enter this path: ... Try the Find Full Text button; you’ll probably get a few of the articles in your ...
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    ... access to the chemical compound information they need to find research data, analyze trends, journals and researchers, and share their findings . Covers: 1993 to the ...
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    ... of Science, from 1975 through 1992, researchers can now find , access, and analyze the wealth of scholarly articles published during ...
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    ... magazines and newsletters (including some that are hard to find in print), as well as some scholarly journals . Some articles go back to the 1970's. You can browse a list of ...
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    ... for books, conference proceedings, and data.  Also, find how to determine the most influential journals in a particular field, as well as the institutions or faculty being ...
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