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Meet the Author: Isabel Meirelles & Dietmar Offenhuber

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 5:30pm
421 Snell Library
author talk


Meirelles, Isabel. 2013. Design for Information: An Introduction to the Histories, Theories, and Best Practices Behind Effective Information Visualizations. Rockport Publishers.

The visualization process doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it is grounded in principles and methodologies of design, cognition, perception, and human-computer-interaction that are combined to one’s personal knowledge and creative experiences. Design for Information critically examines other design solutions —current and historic— helping you gain a larger understanding of how to solve specific problems. This book is designed to help you foster the development of a repertoire of existing methods and concepts to help you overcome design problems.

Offenhuber, Dietmar, and Katja Schechtner. (Eds.) 2013. Accountability Technologies: Tools for Asking Hard Questions. Ambra.

The basic need of civil society to live in responsibly planned and managed cities, to be involved in the planning process, or to at least be informed about it, has become a renewed focal point of debate in the past years. Accountability technologies stand for citizen-driven practices of distributed data collection, the collective analysis through visualization of these data, and finally, their strategic use in the public discourse, in the legal system or political processes. This book exemplarily shows which socio-political areas of action are opened up by Accountability Technologies, but also which critical aspects are tied in with them.

Isabel Meirelles and Dietmar Offenhuber are both faculty members of the College of Art, Media & Design at Northeastern University. Meirelles is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Offenhuber is an Assistan Professor in the departments of Art + Design and Public Policy. 

This event is free and open to the public, refreshments will be served.
Please contact Thomas Urell at T.urell [at] with questions or to RSVP.