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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Blended learning [2018] Hofmann, Jennifer, 1968- Book LB Online Snell Library
Blind injustice : a former prosecutor exposes the psychology and politics of wrongful convictions [2017] Godsey, Mark, 1968- Book KF Online Snell Library
Blood ties : religion, violence, and the politics of nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878-1908 2014. Yosmaoğlu, İpek. Book DR Online Snell Library
Bloody January 2017. Parks, Alan Book PR Online Snell Library
Blow off 2016. Taudevin, A. J. Book PR Online Snell Library
Blue ocean leadership [2017] Kim, W. Chan Book HD Online Snell Library
The blue stain : a novel of a racial outcast 2017. Bettauer, Hugo, 1872-1925 Book PT Online Snell Library
BOLLYWOOD GAY : 'a help yourself book to living an authentic life.'. 2016. SIDHU, MAJINDER SINGH. Book Unknown Stacks Snell Library
The bonanza trail : ghost towns and mining camps of the West 2017. Wolle, Muriel Sibell, 1898-1977. Book F Online Snell Library
The book of Revelation : the rest of the story [2017] Culy, Martin M. Book BS Online Snell Library
The book of swindles : selections from a late Ming collection [2017] Zhang, Yingyu, active 16th century-17th century Book HV Online Snell Library
Border crossing : Russian literature into film 2016. Book PN Online Snell Library
Bottleneckers : gaming the government for power and private profit 2016. Mellor, William H. Book HD Online Snell Library
Bound in wedlock : slave and free Black marriage in the nineteenth century 2017. Hunter, Tera W. Book E Stacks Snell Library
Boundaries of self and reality online: implications of digitally constructed realities [2017] Book HM Online Snell Library
Boxing, the gym, and men : the mark of the fist [2018] Beauchez, Jérôme Book GV Online Snell Library
Brahmin capitalism : frontiers of wealth and populism in America's first Gilded Age 2017. Maggor, Noam, 1977- Book HB Stacks Snell Library
Brahms's vocal duets and quartets with piano : a guide with full texts and translations ©1998. Stark, Lucien, 1929-2012. Book MT Online Snell Library
The Brazilian economy today : towards a new socio-economic model? 2015. Book HC Online Snell Library
Breastfeeding and media : exploring conflicting discourses that threaten public health [2017] Foss, Katherine A., 1980- Book RJ Online Snell Library
Brethren by nature : New England Indians, colonists, and the origins of American slavery 2015. Newell, Margaret Ellen, 1962- Book E Online Snell Library
Bridge engineering : classifications, design loading, and alalysis methods [2017] Lin, Weiwei. Book TG Online Snell Library
Bridge retakes 2017. Lopes, Angela Book PR Online Snell Library
A brief history of over sharing : one ginger's anthology of humiliation [2017] Hitchins, Shawn Book PN Online Snell Library
Bright modernity : color, commerce, and consumer culture 2017. Book HF Online Snell Library
Britannia Romana : Roman inscriptions and Roman Britain 2018. Tomlin, Roger, 1943- Book DA Online Snell Library
British Broadcasting and the public-private dichotomy : neoliberalism, citizenship and the public sphere [2017] Dawes, Simon Book HE Online Snell Library
British fascism a discourse-historical analysis [2017] Richardson, John E., 1974- Book P Online Snell Library
British female emigration societies and the New World, 1860-1914 [2017] Ruiz, Marie Book JV Online Snell Library
The British horror film : from the silent to the multiplex 2017. Fryer, Ian Book PN Stacks Snell Library
British women film directors in the new millennium [2017] Hockenhull, Stella Book PN Online Snell Library
British working-class writing for children : scholarship boys in the mid-twentieth century [2017] Takiuchi, Haru Book PR Online Snell Library
The British world and an Australian national identity : Anglo-Australian cricket, 1860-1901 [2018] Van Duinen, Jared Book DU Online Snell Library
Broadway general manager : demystifying the most important and least understood role in show business [2017] Bogyo, Peter Book PN Online Snell Library
Brooking Global Cities Initiative Reports Report Unknown Online Snell Library
Brookings Institution Reports Report Unknown Online Snell Library
The Brown Recluse Spider [2015] Vetter, Richard S., 1955- Book QL Online Snell Library
Bruno : conversations with a Brazilian drug dealer 2015. Gay, Robert, 1958- Book HV The Hub Snell Library
The brush-off 1998. Maloney, Shane, 1953- Book PR Online Snell Library
Building a new community psychology of mental health : spaces, places, people and activities [2017]. Walker, Carl, 1975- Book RA Online Snell Library
Building an awesome team culture [2018] Collins-Sussman, Ben Book HD Online Snell Library
Building bridges with music : stories from a composer's life [2017] Adler, Samuel, 1928- Book ML Online Snell Library
Building China : informal work and the new precariat 2015. Swider, Sarah Christine Book HD Online Snell Library
Building continuing bonds for grieving and bereaved children : a guide for counsellors and practitioners 2018. Mallon, Brenda Book BF Online Snell Library
Building global resilience in the aftermath of sustainable development planet, people and politics c2018. Pagett, Richard. Book HC Online Snell Library
Building industries at sea "Blue Growth" and the new maritime economy [2017]. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Built for growth : how builder personality shapes your business, your team, and your ability to win [2017] Kuenne, Chris Book BF Online Snell Library
Built to move millions : streetcar building in Ohio ©2008. Semsel, Craig R. Book TF Online Snell Library
Burden or benefit? : imperial benevolence and its legacies ©2008. Book BJ Online Snell Library
The burning house : Jim Crow and the making of modern America. [2018] Walker, Anders Book E Online Snell Library