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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
New television : the aesthetics and politics of a genre 2017. Shuster, Martin Book PN Online Snell Library
News of war : civilian poetry, 1936-1945 [2018] Galvin, Rachel Judith, 1975- Book PR Online Snell Library
The next factory of the world : how Chinese investment is reshaping Africa [2017] Sun, Irene Yuan Book HD Online Snell Library
Next Generation Computer Animation Techniques : Third International Workshop, AniNex 2017, Bournemouth, UK, June 22-23, 2017, Revised Selected Papers 2017. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Next in line : lowered care expectations in the age of retail- and value-based health 2017. Hoff, Timothy, 1965- Book RA Online Snell Library
NIGERIAN OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY LAWS policies, and institutions. 2017. USMAN, ADAMU KYUKA. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
No country for Jewish liberals [2017] Derfner, Larry Book DS Online Snell Library
No miracles : the failure of Soviet decision-making in the Afghan War 2017. Fenzel, Michael R. Book DS Online Snell Library
No time to spare : thinking about what matters [2017] Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929- Book PS Stacks Snell Library
No way to treat a friend : lifting the lid on complementary and alternative veterinary medicine 2017. Taylor, Niall Book SF Online Snell Library
Noncooperative game theory : an introduction for engineers and computer scientists 2017. Hespanha, João P. Book QA Online Snell Library
Nonprofit law : a practical guide to legal issues for nonprofit organizations [2017] Book KF Stacks School of Law Library
Normality : a critical genealogy 2017. Cryle, P. M. 1946- author. (Peter Maxwell), Book B Online Snell Library
Notes in the category of C : reflections on laboratory animal care and use [2018] Niemi, Steven M. Book SF Online Snell Library
Notes on water : an aqueous phenomenology [2017] Appelbaum, David Book PS Online Snell Library
Nothing has been done before : seeking the new in 21st-century American popular music 2017. Loss, Robert Book ML Online Snell Library
Numerical analysis : a mathematical introduction 2002. Schatzman, M. Book QA Stacks Snell Library
Nursery nurse to early years' practitioner : role, relationships and responsibilities 2018. Whitters, Hazel G. Book RJ Online Snell Library
Object-oriented PHP concepts, techniques, and code 2006. Lavin, Peter. Book QA Online Snell Library
Obtaining, using and protecting trademarks 2017. O'Brien, William E. Book KF Stacks School of Law Library
The oceans : a deep history [2017] Rohling, Eelco J. Book QE Online Snell Library
Oduduwa's chain : locations of culture in the Yoruba-Atlantic 2017. Apter, Andrew H. author. (Andrew Herman), Book BL Online Snell Library
Oil : a beginner's guide 2017. Smil, Vaclav Book TN Online Snell Library
Ojibwe stories from the Upper Berens River : A. Irving Hallowell and Adam Bigmouth in conversation [2018] Bigmouth, Adam Book E Online Snell Library
Olivia ©2000 [i.e. p2009] Falconer, Ian. Book PZ The Hub Snell Library
On camera : how to report, anchor & interview ©2014. Reardon, Nancy. Book PN Online Snell Library
On concepts, modules, and language : cognitive science at its core [2018] Book BF Online Snell Library
On love, confession, surrender and the moral self 2018. Clausen, Ian Book BR Online Snell Library
On second thought : scholarly women reflect on profession, community, and purpose [2017] Book HQ Online Snell Library
On the Arctic frontier : Ernest Leffingwell's polar explorations and legacy [2017] Collins, Janet R. 1952- author. (Janet Ruth), Book G Stacks Snell Library
One last word : wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance 2017. Grimes, Nikki Book PS The Hub Snell Library
Operational leadership 2010. Spanyi, Andrew. Book HD Online Snell Library
Operations methods waiting line applications c2012. Shaw, Kenneth A. Book T Online Snell Library
OPPORTUNITY KNOX twenty years of award-losing humour writing. 2017. KNOX, JACK. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Optimization and management in manufacturing engineering : resource collaborative optimization and management through the Internet of Things 2017. Book TS Online Snell Library
The optomechanical constraint equations : theory and applications 2016. Hatheway, Alson E. Book TA Online Snell Library
Orchestrating supply chain opportunities achieving stretch goals efficiently 2011. Iyer, Ananth V. Book HD Online Snell Library
The ordinary virtues : moral order in a divided world 2017. Ignatieff, Michael Book BJ Online Snell Library
Organic trace analysis [2017] Nießner, Reinhard Book HA Online Snell Library
Orson Welles 1996-<2015> Callow, Simon, 1949- Book PN Stacks Snell Library
Our dark duet [2017] Schwab, Victoria Book PZ The Hub Snell Library
An Outcast of the Islands 2017. Conrad, Joseph. Book PR Online Snell Library
An overview of the public relations function 2010. Bowen, Shannon A. Book HD Online Snell Library
The Oxford handbook of public history [2017] Book D Stacks Snell Library
Panicle [2017] Sze, Gillian, 1985- Book PR Online Snell Library
Pastoral identity as social construction : pastoral identity in postmodern, intercultural, and multifaith contexts [2017] Park, Samuel Book BV Online Snell Library
Pathways to our sustainable future a global perspective from Pittsburgh c2017. DeMarco, Patricia M. Book HT Online Snell Library
Pathways, potholes, and the persistence of women in science : reconsidering the pipeline [2016] Book Q Online Snell Library
Patina [2017] Reynolds, Jason Book PZ The Hub Snell Library
Patriots Day [2017] DVD PN Stacks Snell Library