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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Emptied lands : a legal geography of Bedouin rights in the Negev [2018] Kedar, Alexandre Book KMK Online Snell Library
Empty set 2018. Gerber Bicecci, Verónica, 1981- Book PQ Online Snell Library
En carne propia : memoria poética [2017] Argueta, Jorge Book PQ Online Snell Library
Enabling enterprise transformation : business and grassroots innovation for the knowledge economy ©2010. Hanna, Nagy. Book HC Online Snell Library
Encountering China : Michael Sandel and Chinese philosophy [2018] Book BJ Online Snell Library
Encyclopedia of North American railroads ©2007. Book TF Online Snell Library
Encyclopedia of nursing research [2018] Book RT Online Snell Library
End of an era : how China's authoritarian revival is undermining its rise [2018] Minzner, Carl Book JQ Online Snell Library
End of its rope : how killing the death penalty can revive criminal justice 2017. Garrett, Brandon Book KF Stacks School of Law Library
The end of protest : how free-market capitalism learned to control dissent 2016. Roberts, Alasdair author. (Alasdair Scott), Book HM Online Snell Library
Endangered species : a reference handbook 2018. Randall, Jan A. Book QH Online Snell Library
Ending ageism, or how not to shoot old people [2017] Gullette, Margaret Morganroth Book HQ The Hub Snell Library
An enduring wilderness : Toronto's natural parklands [2017] Burley, Robert, 1957- photograher. Book F Online Snell Library
Energy branding : harnessing consumer power ©2017. Larsen, Friðrik. Book HF Online Snell Library
Energy justice : re-balancing the trilemma of security, poverty and climate change 2017. McCauley, Darren. Book HD Online Snell Library
Engineering victory : how technology won the Civil War 2016. Army, Thomas F., Jr., 1954- Book E Online Snell Library
English as a foreign language for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons : challenges and strategies 2016. Book HV Online Snell Library
The English Countryside : representations, identities, mutations [2017] Book PN Online Snell Library
The English for Academic Purposes Practitioner : Operating on the Edge of Academia [2017] Ding, Alex Book PE Online Snell Library
The Englishman from Lebedian' : a life of Evgeny Zamiatin (1884-1937) 2013. Curtis, J. A. E. author. (Julie A. E.), Book PG Online Snell Library
Enlargement of filtration with finance in view 2017. Aksamit, Anna. Book QA Online Snell Library
Enlightened colonialism : civilization narratives and imperial politics in the Age of Reason 2017. Book D Online Snell Library
Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress [2018] Pinker, Steven, 1954- Book HM Stacks Snell Library
Entangled : people and ecological change in Alaska's Kachemak Bay [2018] Sigman, Marilyn Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Entangled memories : remembering the Holocaust in a global age [2017] Entangled Memories: Remembering the Holocaust in a Global Age (Conference) Universität Hamburg), (2014 : Book D Online Snell Library
Entangled pieties : Muslim-Christian relations and gendered sociality in Java, Indonesia [2017] Chao, En-Chieh Book BP Online Snell Library
Entertainment values : how do we assess entertainment and why does it matter? 2017. Book GV Online Snell Library
Entrepreneurial challenges in the 21st century : creating stakeholder value co-creation 2015. Book HB Online Snell Library
The entrepreneurial intellectual in the corporate university 2017. Barrow, Clyde W. Book LC Online Snell Library
Entrusted The Moral Responsibilities of Trusteeship c1995. Smith, David H., 1939- Book HV Online Snell Library
Environmental news in South America : conflict, crisis and contestation [2017] Pinto, Juliet Book P Online Snell Library
Environmental sustainability using green technologies [2016] Book TA Online Snell Library
Epic and the Russian novel : from Gogol to Pasternak 2011. Griffiths, Frederick T. Book PG Online Snell Library
The epic fail of Arturo Zamora 2017. Cartaya, Pablo Book PZ The Hub Snell Library
Episcopal culture in late Anglo-Saxon England 2007. Giandrea, Mary Frances. Book BR Online Snell Library
Epistolarity and world literature, 1980-2010 [2017] Bower, Rachel Book PN Online Snell Library
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Documents and Publications Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Equazioni a derivate parziali : Metodi, modelli e applicazioni 2016. Salsa, S. Book QA Online Snell Library
Erotic poems from the Sanskrit : an anthology [2017] Book PK Online Snell Library
Essays of the Sadat era (1974-1981) : the non-fiction writing of Naguib Mahfouz. [2017] Maḥfūẓ, Najīb, 1911-2006 Book PJ Online Snell Library
Essential light straw clay construction : the complete step-by-step guide [2017] Doleman, Lydia, 1976- Book TH Online Snell Library
Essential real analysis 2017. Field, Michael Book QA Online Snell Library
The essentials of clinical reasoning for nurses : using the Outcome-Present State-Test model for reflective practice [2017] Kuiper, RuthAnne, 1955- Book RT Online Snell Library
Esther in early modern Iberia and the Sephardic Diaspora : queen of the conversas [2017] Cairns, Emily Colbert Book BS Online Snell Library
Estonian animation : between genius and utter illiteracy 2006. Robinson, Chris, 1967- Book NC Online Snell Library
Estradeiros = Wanderers - modern nomads in South America 2011. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Ethereum smart contract development : build blockchain-based decentralized applications using solidity 2018. Mukhopadhyay, Mayukh Book QA Online Snell Library
Ethical asset valuation and the good society [2018] Gollier, Christian Book HG Online Snell Library
Ethical literacies and education for sustainable development : young people, subjectivity and democratic participation [2017] Book GE Online Snell Library
The ethics of choosing children ©2017. Reader, Simon. Book RG Online Snell Library