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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Healthy volunteers in commercial clinical drug trials : when human beings become guinea pigs [2017] Mwale, Shadreck Book RM Online Snell Library
Hemomath : the mathematics of blood 2017. Fasano, A. author. (Antonio), Book QP Online Snell Library
Herding cats : a strategic approach to social media marketing 2014. Rohm, Andrew. Book HF Online Snell Library
The hidden rules of race : barriers to an inclusive economy 2017. Flynn, Andrea Book E Stacks School of Law Library
High-energy spin physics : eighth international symposium, Minneapolis, MN 1988 / 1989. Book QC Online Snell Library
Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis [2016] Vance, J. D. Book HD Stacks Snell Library
Hispanic-Latino entrepreneurship : viewpoints of practitioners 2015. Muñoz, J. Mark S. Book HB Online Snell Library
The history of the Port of London : a vast emporium of all nations 2017. Stone, Peter Book HE Online Snell Library
Hitler's home front : a family surviving the war and the peace 2016. Gregory, Don A. author. (Don Allen), Book DD Online Snell Library
The Hotel Tito : a novel 2017. Simić Bodrožić, Ivana, 1982- Book PG Stacks Snell Library
How journalists use twitter : the changing landscape of U.S. newsrooms [2016] Swasy, Alecia Book HM Online Snell Library
How leaders improve : a playbook for leaders who want to get better now [2017] Gates, John, 1962- Book HD Online Snell Library
How Linux works : what every superuser should know [2015] Ward, Brian Book QA Online Snell Library
How Linux works what every super-user should know 2004. Ward, Brian. Book QA Online Snell Library
How not to program in C++ 111 broken programs and 3 working ones, or why does 2+2 = 5986? c2003. Oualline, Steve. Book QA Online Snell Library
How reform worked in China : the transition from plan to market [2017] Qian, Yingyi, 1956- Book HC Online Snell Library
How strong is your firm's competitive advantage? 2012. Marburger, Daniel R. Book HD Online Snell Library
How to coach individuals, teams, and organizations to master transformational change surfing tsunamis 2012. Hacker, Stephen, 1955- Book HD Online Snell Library
How we talk : the inner workings of conversation 2017. Enfield, N. J., 1966- Book P Online Snell Library
Human dignity : a way of living [2017] Bieri, Peter, 1944- Book BJ Stacks Snell Library
The Hundred Headless Woman 2017. Book N Online Snell Library
Hybrid ventures 2018. Book HB Online Snell Library
Hysterical! : women in American comedy 2017. Book PN Online Snell Library
I am not a tractor! : how Florida farmworkers took on the fast food giants and won 2017. Marquis, Susan L. 1960- author. (Susan Lynn), Book HD Online Snell Library
I contain multitudes : the microbes within us and a grander view of life [2016] Yong, Ed Book QR Stacks Snell Library
I couldn't even imagine that they would kill us : an oral history of the attacks against the students of Ayotzinapa 2017. Gibler, John Book HV Stacks Snell Library
IAENG transactions on engineering technologies : special edition of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2008 : Hong Kong, China 19-21 March 2008 / 2009- International Multi-Conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists Hong Kong, China) (2008 : Book TA Online Snell Library
iBroadway : musical theatre in the digital age [2017] Book ML Online Snell Library
The IEEE guide to writing in the engineering and technical fields [2017] Kmiec, David Book T Online Snell Library
If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript [2015] Croll, Angus Book PS Online Snell Library
The Iliac crest 2017. Rivera Garza, Cristina, 1964- Book PQ Stacks Snell Library
The illustrated dust jacket 1920-1970 2017. Salisbury, Martin Book NC Stacks Snell Library
Image and presence : a Christological reflection on iconoclasm and iconophilia 2017. Carnes, Natalie Book BT Online Snell Library
The imaginative argument : a practical manifesto for writers [2018] Cioffi, Frank L., 1951- Book PE Online Snell Library
Imagined homelands : British poetry in the colonies 2017. Rudy, Jason R., 1975- Book PR Online Snell Library
Immunotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma 2017. Book RC Online Snell Library
Implementing and scaling Agile in the enterprise : a goals-first approach [2018] LeMay, Matt Book TK Online Snell Library
The impostor queen [2016] Fine, Sarah Book PZ The Hub Snell Library
Impro for storytellers 2014. Johnstone, Keith. Book PN Online Snell Library
Improv nation : how we made a great American art 2017. Wasson, Sam Book PN Stacks Snell Library
Improving business performance with lean c2012. Bradley, James R. Book TS Online Snell Library
Improving sales and marketing collaboration : a step-by-step guide 2015. Malshe, Avinash. Book HF Online Snell Library
In defense of housing : the politics of crisis 2016. Madden, David J., 1975- Book HD Stacks Snell Library
In search of Dustie-Fute 2017. Kinloch, David P. Book PR Online Snell Library
In the cage [2017] Hardcastle, Kevin, 1980- Book Unknown Online Snell Library
In the distance 2017. Díaz, Hernán, 1973- Book PS Online Snell Library
In the long run we are all dead : Keynesianism, political economy, and revolution 2017. Mann, Geoff Book HC Stacks Snell Library
Inclusive leadership in higher education : international perspectives and approaches 2017. Book LB Online Snell Library
Indigenous peoples and their right to political participation : international law standards and their application in Latin America 2016. Tomaselli, Alexandra Book KG Stacks School of Law Library