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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Creating the empress : politics and poetry in the age of Catherine II 2011. Proskurina, V. I︠U︡. Book PG Online Snell Library
Credit risk management for derivatives : post-crisis metrics for end-users [2017] Zelenko, Ivan Book HG Online Snell Library
Crime and punishment [2018] Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881 Book PG Stacks Snell Library
Crime, genes, neuroscience and cyberspace [2017] Owen, Tim, 1961- Book HV Online Snell Library
Criminal asylum in Anglo-Saxon law [1963]. Riggs, Charles H. Book KD Online Snell Library
Criminal love? : queer theory, culture, and politics in India 2017. Raj Rao, R. 1955- author. (Ramachandrapurapu), Book HQ Online Snell Library
The criminalization of black children : race, gender, and delinquency in Chicago's juvenile justice system, 1899-1945 [2018] Agyepong, Tera Eva Book HV Online Snell Library
The Crisi Wartegg System (CWS) : manual for administration, scoring, and interpretation 2018. Crisi, Alessandro Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Crisis and terror in the age of anxiety : 9/11, the Global Financial Crisis and ISIS [2017] Howie, Luke Book HN Online Snell Library
Crisis of legitimacy and political violence in Uganda, 1979-2016 [2017] Otunnu, Ogenga Book JQ Online Snell Library
Critical norths : space, nature, theory [2017] Book GE Online Snell Library
Critical pedagogy in nursing transformational approaches to nurse education in a globalized world c2018. Dyson, Sue. Book RT Online Snell Library
The critical thought of W. B. Yeats [2017] Pietrzak, Wit Book PR Online Snell Library
Critics, coteries, and Pre-Raphaelite celebrity 2017. Graham, Wendy, 1957- Book NX Online Snell Library
Critique as critical history [2017] Dalgliesh, Bregham. Book B Online Snell Library
Cross-cultural knowledge management fostering innovation and collaboration inside the multicultural enterprise ©2012. Del Giudice, Manlio. Book HD Online Snell Library
Cross-cultural schooling experiences of Chinese immigrant families : in search of home in times of transition [2017] Xu, Shijing Book LC Online Snell Library
Crossing the color line : race, sex, and the contested politics of colonialism in Ghana [2015] Ray, Carina E. Book DT Online Snell Library
Crown : an ode to the fresh cut [2017] Barnes, Derrick D. Book PZ Favat Children's Collection Snell Library
Cultivated power flowers, culture, and politics in the reign of Louis XIV ©2005. Hyde, Elizabeth Book SB Online Snell Library
Cultivating professional resilience in direct practice : a guide for human service professionals [2017] Newell, Jason M. Book HV Online Snell Library
Cultural distance in international ventures : exploring perceptions of European and Chinese managers ©2017. Vaccarini, Katiuscia Book HG Online Snell Library
Cultural heritage and peripheral spaces in Singapore [2017] Lim, Tai-Wei Book DS Online Snell Library
Cultural intermediaries : audience participation in media organisations [2017]. Hutchinson, Jonathon Book HM Online Snell Library
The cultural life of capitalism in Yugoslavia : (post)socialism and Its other [2017] Book DR Online Snell Library
Cultures of vision : images, media, and the imaginary ©1995. Burnett, Ron, 1947- Book PN Online Snell Library
Cultures@SiliconValley 2017. English-Lueck, J. A. 1953- author. (June Anne), Book F Online Snell Library
Customer Value, Shareholder Wealth, Community Wellbeing : A Roadmap for Companies and Investors 2017. Kilroy, Denis. Book HD Online Snell Library
Cuz : or, the life and times of Michael A. [2017] Allen, Danielle S., 1971- Book E The Hub Snell Library
Cyanidioschyzon merolae A New Model Eukaryote for Cell and Organelle Biology 2017. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Cycles in the UK housing economy price and its relationship with lenders, buyers, consumption and construction c2017. Gray, David. Book HD Online Snell Library
D H. Lawrence, transport and cultural transition : 'a great sense of journeying' [2017] Humphries, Andrew F., 1962- Book PR Online Snell Library
Dan Ge performance : masks and music in contemporary Côte d'Ivoire ©2003. Reed, Daniel B. 1963- (Daniel Boyce), Book DT Online Snell Library
Dancing class : gender, ethnicity, and social divides in American Dance, 1890-1920 1999. Tomko, Linda J. Book GV Online Snell Library
A dangerous woman : American beauty, noted philanthropist, Nazi collaborator : the life of Florence Gould 2018. Ronald, Susan Book CT Stacks Snell Library
Dante. 2014. Streaming Video Unknown Online Snell Library
Daring democracy : igniting power, meaning, and connection for the America we want [2017] Lappé, Frances Moore Book JK The Hub Snell Library
The darkest road 2001. Kay, Guy Gavriel. Book PR The Hub Snell Library
Darkness visible : a study of Isaiah 14:3-23 a Christian scripture [2017] Bordjadze, Karlo V. Book BS Online Snell Library
Darling mother, darling son : the letters of Leslie Walford and Dora Byrne, 1929-1972 2017. Walford, Leslie, 1927-2012 Book NK Online Snell Library
Data science and social research : epistemology, methods, technology and applications 2017. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Dating and mating in a techno-driven world : understanding how technology is helping and hurting relationships [2018] Hoffman, Rachel Book HQ Online Snell Library
A daughter of the land 1997. Stratton-Porter, Gene, 1863-1924. Book PZ Online Snell Library
Daughters of the air : a novel [2017] Szilágyi, Anca L. Book PS The Hub Snell Library
David Jones : engraver, soldier, painter, poet [2017] Dilworth, Thomas Book PR Online Snell Library
David Lynch : the art life [2017] DVD PN The Hub Snell Library
Dawson City : frozen time [2017] DVD PN The Hub Snell Library
The day the king defaulted : financial lessons from the Stop of the Exchequer in 1672 [2017] Milevsky, Moshe Arye, 1967- Book HJ Online Snell Library
Dazzle ships : poems [2017] Sharpe, Jamie Book PR Online Snell Library
DBT therapeutic activity ideas for working with teens : skills and exercises for working with clients with borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and other emotional sensitivities 2018. Lozier, Carol Whitcomb, 1956- Book RC Online Snell Library