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Selected New Acquisitions List

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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
National myth and the First World War in modern popular music [2017] Grant, Peter, 1955 February 21- Book ML Online Snell Library
National Security, Surveillance and Terror Canada and Australia in Comparative Perspective. 2016. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Natural systems for wastewater treatment 2010. Book TD Online Snell Library
Navigating the Education Research Maze Contextual, Conceptual, Methodological and Transformational Challenges and Opportunities for Researchers. 2016. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Neocitizenship : political culture after democracy [2017] Cherniavsky, Eva, 1960- Book JK Online Snell Library
Network theory and violent conflicts : studies in Afghanistan and Lebanon [2017] Kramer, Christian R. Book HN Online Snell Library
Neuro design : neuromarketing insights to boost engagement and profitability 2017. Bridger, Darren Book Unknown Online Snell Library
The new woman's film : femme-centric movies for smart chicks 2017. Radner, Hilary Book PN Online Snell Library
New worlds? 2017. Schmidt-Voges, Inken. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
NGOs, social capital and community empowerment in Bangladesh c2016. Rezaul Islam, M. Book JZ Online Snell Library
Nietzsche's nihilism in Walter Benjamin [2017] Ponzi, Mauro, 1950- Book B Online Snell Library
Non-homogeneous random walks : Lyapunov function methods for near-critical stochastic systems 2017. Menʹshikov, M. V. author. (Mikhail Vasilʹevich), Book QA Stacks Snell Library
The Non-slaveholder. [1846-1854] Book E Online Snell Library
Numerical simulation in applied geophysics 2016. Santos, Juan Enrique Book QC Online Snell Library
Objective-C for absolute beginners iPhone, iPad and Mac programming made easy 2016. Bennett, Gary. Book QA Online Snell Library
Of beggars and Buddhas : the politics of humor in the Vessantara Jataka in Thailand [2017] Bowie, Katherine Ann, 1950- Book BQ Online Snell Library
Of gardens and graves : Kashmir, poetry, politics [2017] Kaul, Suvir Book DS Online Snell Library
Oil, revolution, and indigenous citizenship in Ecuadorian Amazonia 2017. Book HD Online Snell Library
Old plantation hymns a collection of hitherto unpublished melodies of the slave and the freedman, with historical and descriptive notes. 1899. Barton, William E. 1861-1930. (William Eleazar), Book ML Online Snell Library
Optimal control 2016. Book QA Online Snell Library
Orations and speeches 1850. Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874. Book AC Online Snell Library
Osseous projectile weaponry : towards an understanding of Pleistocene cultural variability [2016] Book U Online Snell Library
Pacing for growth : why intelligent restraint is key for long-term success [2017] Eyring, Alison Book HD Online Snell Library
Paleoanthropology of the Balkans and Anatolia : human evolution and its context 2016. Book GN Online Snell Library
Parties, agents and electoral culture in England, 1880-1910 2016. Rix, Kathryn Book JN Online Snell Library
Patent politics : life forms, markets, and the public interest in the United States and Europe 2017. Parthasarathy, Shobita Book TP Online Snell Library
Perfect little world : a novel [2017] Wilson, Kevin, 1978- Book PS The Hub Snell Library
Performing femininity : woman as performer in early Russian cinema 2017. Morley, Rachel Book PN Online Snell Library
Person centered psychiatry 2016. Book R Online Snell Library
Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant. [199-] Grant, Ulysses S. 1822-1885. (Ulysses Simpson), Book E Online Snell Library
Personal recollections of Vincent van Gogh 2017. Gogh, Elisabeth du Quesne van, 1859-1936 Book N Online Snell Library
Pevsner's architectural glossary [2016] Book NA Stacks Snell Library
Pharmaceuticals in the environment [2015] Book TD Online Snell Library
Philosophy and Breaking bad [2017] Book PN Online Snell Library
Pier Paolo Pasolini : performing authorship [2017] Annovi, Gian Maria Book PQ Online Snell Library
Pipeline pigging and integrity technology ©2003. Book TJ Online Snell Library
Plant horror : approaches to the monstrous vegetal in fiction and film [2016] Book PN Online Snell Library
Pleasing everyone : mass entertainment in Renaissance London and golden-age Hollywood [2017] Knapp, Jeffrey (Professor of English) Book PN Online Snell Library
Polarity, balance of power and international relations theory : post-cold war and the 19th century compared [2017] Book JZ Online Snell Library
The polemics of C.L.R. James and contemporary Black activism [2017] Clennon, Ornette D., 1969- Book DA Online Snell Library
Policing the police. 2016. Streaming Video HV Online Snell Library
The political Bible in early modern England 2017. Killeen, Kevin Book BS Online Snell Library
Political economy of India's growth episodes. 2016. Kar, Sabyasachi. Book JA Online Snell Library
Political street art : communication, culture and resistance in Latin America 2017. Ryan, Holly Eva Book ND Online Snell Library
The politics of militant group survival in the Middle East : resources, relationships, and resistance [2017] Szekely, Ora Book HV Online Snell Library
Polymethylmethacrylate skylights can weaken and become more brittle in sunlight ©2011. Batich, Stephen. Book TH Online Snell Library
Popular Music in Eastern Europe Breaking the Cold War Paradigm. 2016. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Popular sovereignty in early modern constitutional thought 2016. Lee, Daniel, 1979- Book JC Stacks School of Law Library
Power struggles in the Middle East : the Islamist politics of Hizbullah and the Muslim brotherhood 2017. Dingel, Eva Book JQ Online Snell Library