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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Backstage in the novel Frances Burney and the theater arts c2012. Saggini, Francesca. Book PR Online Snell Library
Bad seeds and holy terrors : the child villains of horror film 2014. Lennard, Dominic Book PN Online Snell Library
Bad women regulating sexuality in early American cinema c1995. Staiger, Janet. Book PN Online Snell Library
Baghdad : the city in verse 2013. Book PJ Online Snell Library
Bakers and Basques a social history of bread in Mexico c2012. Weis, Robert, 1971- Book HD Online Snell Library
Ballenger's otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery. 2009. Book RF Online Snell Library
Ballots, bullets, and bargains : American foreign policy and presidential elections 2015. Armacost, Michael H. Book E Online Snell Library
The banjo clock 2012. Garthe, Karen, 1949- Book PS Online Snell Library
Bar mitzvah : a history 2014. Hilton, Rabbi Michael Book BM Online Snell Library
Barbara Stanwyck the miracle woman 2012. Callahan, Dan, 1977- Book PN Online Snell Library
Barbarian migrations and the Roman West, 376-568 2007. Halsall, Guy. Book DG Online Snell Library
Barbarism and its discontents 2013. Boletsi, Maria. Book CB Online Snell Library
The barren sacrifice : an essay on political violence [2015] Dumouchel, Paul. Book JC Online Snell Library
Baseball's power shift : how the players union, the fans, and the media changed American sports culture [2016] Swanson, Krister Book GV Online Snell Library
Basic economics : a common sense guide to the economy 2015. Sowell, Thomas Book HB Online Snell Library
Basic medical endocrinology c2003. Goodman, H. Maurice. Book QP Online Snell Library
The battle for paradise : surfing, tuna, and one town's quest to save a wave 2015. Evans, Jeremy, 1977- Book GE Online Snell Library
The battle for the Bs 1950s Hollywood and the rebirth of low-budget cinema 2012. Davis, Blair, 1975- Book PN Online Snell Library
The battle for the fourteenth colony : America's war of liberation in Canada, 1774-1776 2013. Anderson, Mark R. Book E Online Snell Library
Battleground 1948 Truman, Stevenson, Douglas, and the most surprising election in Illinois history c2013. Hartley, Robert E. Book E Online Snell Library
Bayou-diversity nature and people in the Louisiana Bayou country 2011. Ouchley, Kelby. Book QH Online Snell Library
Beautiful circuits modernism and the mediated life 2010. Goble, Mark. Book P Online Snell Library
The beauty of the real what Hollywood can learn from contemporary French actresses 2012. Book PN Online Snell Library
Becoming a Nazi town : culture and politics in Gt̲tingen between the world wars [2013] Imhoof, David Michael, 1970- Book DD Online Snell Library
Becoming a top manager : tools and lessons in transitioning to general management 2015. Kaiser, Kevin, 1964- Book HD Online Snell Library
Becoming American? the forging of Arab and Muslim identity in pluralist America c2011. Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck, 1935- Book E Online Snell Library
Becoming eloquent advances in the emergence of language, human cognition, and modern cultures 2009. Book P Online Snell Library
Becoming Madam Chancellor : Angela Merkel and the Berlin Republic 2017. Mushaben, Joyce Marie, 1952- Book DD Stacks Snell Library
Becoming Muslim in Imperial Russia : conversion, apostasy, and literacy 2014. Kefeli, Agnè̀s Nilüfer Book DK Online Snell Library
Becoming salmon : aquaculture and the domestication of a fish 2015. Lien, Marianne E. Book SH Online Snell Library
Becoming Tom Thumb : Charles Stratton, P. T. Barnum, and the dawn of American celebrity 2013. Lehman, Eric D. Book PN Online Snell Library
Before I forget 2012. Fahey, Jacqueline. Book ND Online Snell Library
Before Orientalism : Asian peoples and cultures in European travel writing, 1245-1510 [2014] Phillips, Kim M. Book GT Online Snell Library
Before the Anzac dawn : a military history of Australia before 1915 2013. Book UA Online Snell Library
Behavioral science & policy. [2015] Behavioral Science & Policy Association Book H Online Snell Library
The behaviors, habitat preferences, and ecology of distinct Atlantic cod phenotypes in the Gulf of Maine 2016. Conroy, Christian W. Dissertation QL Online Snell Library
Being cool the work of Elmore Leonard 2013. Rzepka, Charles J. Book PS Online Snell Library
Belladonna of sadness = Kanashimi no beradonna. 1973. Streaming Video PN Online Snell Library
Belonging and genocide Hitler's community, 1918-1945 c2010. Kühne, Thomas, 1958- Book DD Online Snell Library
Beneath the veil of the strange verses reading scandalous texts c2013. Alberg, Jeremiah, 1957- Book BD Online Snell Library
Bengali Harlem and the lost histories of South Asian America 2013. Bald, Vivek. Book E Online Snell Library
The Bernal story : mediating class and race in a multicultural community 2014. Roy, Beth Book HN Online Snell Library
Beryl Bainbridge 2014. Marsh, Huw Book PR Online Snell Library
The best American magazine writing 2014 2014. Book PS Online Snell Library
The best digital marketing campaigns in the world II : mastering the art of customer engagement 2014. Ryan, Damian. Book HF Online Snell Library
The best school in Jerusalem : Annie Landau's school for girls, 1900-1960 [2013] Strumingher, Laura S. Book LC Online Snell Library
Beta beams neutrino beams 2009. Lindroos, Mats. Book QC Online Snell Library
Betsy Mix Cowles : champion of equality [2014] Robertson, Stacey M. Book E Online Snell Library
Better left unsaid Victorian novels, Hays Code films, and the benefits of censorship 2013. Gilbert, Nora. Book PR Online Snell Library
Between generations : collaborative authorship in the golden age of children's literature [2017] Smith, Victoria Ford Book PR Stacks Snell Library